What can parents/guardians do to support social emotional learning at home?

SEL Video Part Four

SEL is neither solely a behavior support nor solely an academic support, but aligns with and complements all supports aimed at student achievement and well-being. Our last video of the SEL video series looks into what parents/guardians can do to support their child(ren) with SEL to grow into well rounded individuals.

What can parents can do:

· Being good role models: have daily conversations where you talk openly about emotions, challenges and how you have been dealing with those challenges.

· Built in daily quality time with your child: assign some time each day where you have some special time with your child. In that time parents solely focus on the relationship with your child. This should be something fun, such as playing a board game together or going outside to build a snowman.

· Routine and structure at home: set bed time, dinner time etc.

· Encourage independence: builds a child’s confidence. Don’t solve problems for them but guide them and encourage them to think of solutions themselves.

· A healthy balance between free time and study time.

· Don’t underestimate the importance of emotional well-being as it effects the academic success of your child.

CISB supports and work towards the success of every child. We encourage parents/guardians to work together with our community to create the best learning environment for your child.

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