Newsletter Preschool and Elementary School 校内一周回顾/幼儿园及小学部

As an IB World School, CISB’s learning community strongly supports and encourages students to grow and learn. Our school community works together to build on individual and collective ideas through hands-on approaches where students learn by doing.

In this week’s newsletter, we reflect on the October IB Learner Profile, Open-Minded. We also look at how students have been celebrating Kindness Week. We see how students have been enjoying the colours of fall, and we catch up with the Jr. Bobcats.

CISB Students are Open-Minded!

It is important to teach children that everyone is equal, regardless of race, ability, gender, religion, and background. It is vital to instill an appreciation of different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities by learning about them together. It is also important to teach children that it is wrong to treat anyone differently based on appearance, accent, or abilities, both physical and mental.

Students are learning that we are all unique and possess special qualities. In Grade 4, students wrote individual stories of how their actions were Open-Minded and drew a picture. With teacher encouragement, students actively participated by reading the story about how they were Open-Minded by helping others or by challenging themselves to something they had never tried before.


在本周的快讯中,我们回顾了十月IB学习者培养目标之一,开阔的思想与心态。我们还关注了学生们是如何庆祝友善周的。我们看到学生们是如何享受秋天的快乐,学生们赶上了校队小学组 – 小学Bobcats。

CISB 的学生是心胸宽广、思想开朗的!





“To me, open minded is to respect other cultures and it is ok to be different.” “对我来说,思想开朗是要尊重其他的文化,尽管这些文化是不同的。“


“I was open-minded while I was helping one of my classmates by leading her to the nurse because she is new to the school.” “当我帮助一位新来的同学去找到校医室的时候,我感受到我是心胸宽广的。”
Exploring the Colours of Fall in Pre-Kindergarten / 在CISB幼儿园探索秋天的颜色

This week the Pre-K3 students took a nature walk. On this walk, they noticed the leaves falling from the trees. They were curious, asking, “Why are they red, yellow, brown, and orange?” To answer the question, we put on our jackets, went outside, and collected leaves. Students shared that the leaves changed because the fall weather made the temperature cold, causing the colours to change. It was a great day for being inquirers!


Kindness Week: Reading / 在慈善周:阅读

There are so many books about kindness in the PSES library. Stories can play a key role in the student learning process. During class reading, our librarian demonstrated the power of kindness by reading kindness books to students to extend in-class learning and provide students with a context for this month’s IB Learner Profile. In addition, teaching students to show kindness in the library is very important for students of all ages, such as speaking quietly and cleaning up after students have finished reading.

Kindness Week: Express yourself

During Kindness Week, on Wednesday, there was a dress-down day where students were encouraged to express themselves through their choice of clothing. It’s important to remind students that expressing themselves is not about being the best at something or putting on a performance for others. It is about finding a way to show who they are and how they see the world to help them feel good about themselves. It was lovely to see how supportive and kind our students in the PYP are while expressing their unique qualities and encouraging their classmates to be authentically themselves.

Kindness week was a huge success!





How We Express Ourselves: Media Hunt!

As part of tuning in to their new Unit of Inquiry, ”How We Express Ourselves”, Grade 4 students went on a media hunt around the school. The students explored and discovered many examples of media in the school building and discussed the purpose of it. They also visited the Marketing Department to learn how CISB uses media in different ways.


作为他们新研究单元“我们如何表达自己”的一部分, 四年级的学生在学校周围进行了一次媒体搜寻。学生们在教学楼里探索并发现了许多媒体的例子,并讨论了它的目的。他们还参观了学校的市场部,了解CISB如何以不同的方式使用媒体。

Jr. Bobcats Update / 在校队小学组 – 小学Bobcats 更新


In following the IB PYP PSPE curriculum, we offer a variety of different sporting activities for students in Grades 3, 4, and 5 (Jr. Bobcat Athletics). Football (Soccer) and Cross Country are two of the most popular sports.

During the eight weeks of our Jr. Bobcat Soccer and Cross Country season, the coaches offered students an opportunity to experience teamwork and conflict resolution. Students enjoyed their time together and improved their skills, displaying much joy and tenacity every practice. Go Bobcats!

根据IB PYP 学前和小学的课程体系,我们为3年级、4年级和5年级的学生提供各种不同的体育活动(小学Bobcats校队)。足球和越野是两种最受欢迎的运动。


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