With early offers arriving almost daily, our Grade 12 students have demonstrated how early action is important for applying to their dream university. Students not only commit to being academically strong but intensely apply themselves to all areas of the process. CISB graduates have a large network of support from faculty, staff, and University Counsellors to reach their tertiary education goals. We are proud of all our students and these outstanding achievements.

Angel. Y received an incredible offer from New York University (NYU) to major in Economics. 

“I am very excited to be accepted by NYU. Over the past two years, I have participated in several competitions, summer school, and extracurricular activities while maintaining my GPA. I chose Economics as my major because I wrote an essay related to environmental economics in our G10 Academic Writing class, which aroused my interest in it.”

Angel. Y

Maira. M received an outstanding offer from The School of Chicago Institute of Art (USA) to major in Animation. This prestigious institute is SAIC Ranked 7th Art and Design College in the World and 2nd in the United States! 

“I’m incredibly happy to have received my offers! I have spent the last two years filling my portfolio with traditional paintings and many observational sketches. I have chosen Animation and game design-related majors out of my love for storytelling and visual arts.”

Maira. M

Nina. J received an offer from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to major in Economics. 

Furthermore, she has received scholarships from Tulane University (US) for majoring in Business and scholarships from The City University of Hong Kong to major in Criminology. 

“I am very surprised to receive an offer from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill during EA. I prepared for my TOEFL and extracurricular activities and polished my Personal Statement in my application. I chose Economics as my major because I discovered my love for Economics during the DP stage.”

Nina. J

Kevin. L received an offer from the University of Delaware (US) to major in Computer Science. 

“I chose Computer Science because it provides me with skills to approach solutions to many problems. Secondly, it plays a significant role in the economy now and in the future. As new types of computers other than transistor circuits enter the market, computer science will provide innovative job opportunities. Since computers are about mathematics, one of my strengths, computer science, will be a good choice for my future career.”

Kevin. L

Linda. L received some prestigious offers, most notably from New York University (NYU) to major in Biology. 

“It is an honour to receive an offer from NYU, my dream school. I’ve spent time keeping my GPA and joining different clubs in the past two years. Joining different sports teams and building a balanced life helped me mentally in the application process by making me a balanced and diverse student.”

Linda. L