Jason Tai

Jason Tai G6 Advisory Teacher

Jason Tai is from Hong Kong, China, and his family are from Beijing. Being an individual who is raised in both Mainland and Hong Kong, and also studied domestically for 15 years and abroad for 13 years, his passion and vision is to merge Chinese culture and Western culture together to create a wholesome school experience for students. For Mr. Tai, he believes that while people may have different approaches to problems or use different languages; on a spiritual level, everyone has the same propensity for integrity and greatness. “Greatness is an outcome of confidence and self efficacy. I would focus on making students feel like ‘I can do it’, ‘I want to do it'. Once they form a firm belief in their abilities, excellence is an outcome that will happen naturally and willingly, much like an uninvited best friend who barges into your home just to be with you."

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