Robert Barss

Robert Barss University Counsellor

Bachelor Degree of Physical Education, Dalhousie University; Master Degree of Science, Dalhousie University. Fifteen years of leading our university counseling program across our AKD family of schools. Nowadays, many parents have a better understanding of university rankings and their expectations, and we can’t deny that most parents and students dream of studying at famous universities. As a university counselor, we work with students to help choose universities that complement their interests and reflect the many other aspects involved with such a big life decision. This process is personalized to ensure each student’s interests and goals are considered. For example, we had many graduates who have been accepted to the top 50 Art schools in the world. Before they applied to universities, they knew who they want to be and what their interests were and began to develop their portfolios years in advance. For graduates, we are looking forward to working closely with them and their families, to develop their goals, support them and their applications, and to share in their excitement as the university admissions acceptances start rolling in!

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