CISB's G11 Field Trip to Hutong!

25 grade 11 Diploma Programme and Certificate students accompanied by their teachers visited ‘The Hutong’ to participate in a day of team-building activities, on Wednesday September 11th. This event marked the beginning their two-year journey of experiential learning where they collaborated in teams to compete in two challenges.

The first activity, Hook’n’Cook, involved students in “iron chef” style culinary challenge. The students were given a recipe and a choice of ingredients to cook with a partner and then present their dish to gain votes. The winning team was voted on the criteria of positive collaboration, rapid decision making, creativity, and communication. Post lunch the students used team- work, creative thinking, human ingenuity and navigation skills to complete a scavenger hunt style challenge called the Amazing Race. The students went through the alleys, local markets and quirky neighborhoods of this ancient capital to complete this challenge in record time.

Students came back from this trip as a happy community of learners, each reflecting very positively on the experiences they gained.