Education is not merely confined to the four walls of a classroom; it is a dynamic journey that goes well beyond traditional learning. In line with CISB’s mission to elevate and redefine the learning experience, we are pleased to introduce “A Week Without Walls.” From October 11th to 20th, students from grades 3 to 11 will embark on an unparalleled academic adventure, expanding their horizons of learning.

Imagine a week where your child’s classroom morphs into a rich tapestry of culture, community, and nature. A Week Without Walls is a carefully planned series of experiences crafted to stimulate, challenge, and inspire our students.

The Week Without Walls trips offer immersive educational experiences for students across all grade levels. These excursions aim to provide hands-on learning opportunities outside traditional classrooms, fostering cultural understanding, independence, and personal growth. Through exploration, activities, and engagement with local communities, students obtain a deep comprehension of diverse cultures, historical contexts, and principles of environmental sustainability. These trips motivate students to venture beyond their comfort zones, hone teamwork skills, and expand their worldviews, molding them into well-rounded global citizens.

CISB’s Week Without Walls symbolizes our commitment to innovative, all-encompassing, and globally pertinent education. As we gear up for this transformative week, we extend our gratitude to our parent community for their unwavering support. Together, let us chart a course for our students to flourish as learners, explorers, leaders, and pioneers of tomorrow.