The Grade 10 students attended a unique exhibition showcasing the remarkable works of the renowned French artist Henri Matisse. This experience was made possible due to the support of the French embassy in China, in tandem with the efforts of the Musée départemental Matisse, Le Cateau-Cambrésis, situated in France.
The curated exhibition featured 280 artwork pieces that spanned Matisse’s prolific career. From evocative oil paintings and intricate sculptures to ink drawings, prints, and textiles – every piece was a testament to Matisse’s genius and versatility. This exhibition allowed our students to delve deep into this legendary French artist’s world and connect it with their current studies. The students immersed themselves in the experience, selecting various paintings for detailed study and understanding while gaining valuable insights into Francophone culture.
Here is what some of our students had to say about their experience:

“French Art Exhibition: The exhibition we visited was interesting because we saw a variety of the artist’s works in different artistic mediums. There were various art styles, including painting, sketching, and sculptures, some of which included color while others did not. It was fascinating to see all of his works displayed together and observe how they contrasted with each other.”


“Our French field trip was to an art exhibition in 798. The exhibition featured sketches, sculptures, paintings, and other items created by a French artist. It was intriguing to witness the diversity of his artwork, from sculptures to sketches.”

“This exhibition was informative and enjoyable as it guided us through Matisse’s artworks throughout his life, offering insight into his thoughts and experiences. The art varied from colorful to black & white.”

“The exhibition was an excellent way to learn about the French artist Matisse. His artworks represented his thoughts and interests. What I found unique about this particular artist is how each of his paintings and sculptures differs. Each of his artworks has its special features.”


“Our trip to 798 was super fun! We explored arts and creations by the famous French artist Matisse. We saw how his art evolved and what he wanted to express through different art forms. It wasn’t just about looking at paintings and his work; it was also a journey into his thoughts and feelings. I liked how each piece told a different story.”

“For our 798 exhibition trip, we visited an art gallery featuring Matisse. He had a variety of paintings, some over a hundred years old, including sketches, portraits, models, and more. My favorite art pieces were some of the model pieces he created and the sketches, which showed the process of creating such artworks. Overall, I enjoyed the gallery.”

“I enjoyed our field trip to the Matisse exhibition at 798. I learned not only about Matisse’s artworks but also about his background story. I’ve seen many of his sketches, oil paintings, sculptures, and other creations. His works provided an understanding of his feelings and how he perceived the world. Moreover, his works related to Tahiti stood out most due to their unique style and form. Overall, I enjoyed seeing Matisse’s works and learning about him.”