Our Chinese Coordinator and dedicated team of counselors support and guide CISB students on their educational journey. We invite you to get to know them better as they contribute their expertise and passion to the well-being and academic success of our students. These professionals work tirelessly to ensure that CISB students excel academically and thrive emotionally, providing a holistic and enriching educational experience at CISB.

Chinese School-wide Coordinator -Ms. Bing Liu

-10 years of experience teaching Chinese in China and abroad.

-Earned a Master’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (MA) from Communication University of China, and a Bachelor of Chinese Language and Literature (BA).”

-Taught MYP Chinese Language and Literature, DP Chinese A, MYP Individuals and Societies, GCSE/A-Level Chinese, and Elementary Mandarin.

She can be reached at bing.liu@cisbeijing.com

“I’m particularly thrilled about the progress we’re making in enhancing our Chinese language education. This year, we’re taking the next step by making curriculum adjustments aimed at providing even better support for our students’ Chinese language learning journey.” – Bing


Digital Technology Coordinator -Dr. Ali Shameem 

-With over 20 years in international education, he has worked in diverse roles ranging from a Mathematics teacher to Head of Computer Science, and Educational Technology Director, across schools in the Maldives, Jordan, Indonesia, and China.

-Earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Coventry University, UK, a Master of Science in Instructional Technology, and a Ph.D. in Teaching, Learning, and Technology from Lehigh University, USA

-He is an advocate for computer science, STEM, and educational technology, and has helped transform schools into lighthouses for technology innovation and STEM learning, earning them international accolades.

He can be reached at ali.shameem@cisbeijing.com

“This school year, I am embarking on an incredible journey with our Grade 12 students to introduce and explore the world of computer science, its vast potential, and limitless possibilities.”

Middle-High School Counsellor – Ms. Saima Hina

Ms. Hina is from Pakistan and has studied Counselling and Psychotherapy at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. She has completed a Suicide Intervention Skills Training Course with ASIST (NHS) in the United Kingdom.

Additionally, she holds a Master of Science degree in History. She is currently training as a BSP (Brainspotting) therapist with the International Brainspotting Training Center in the USA.

She provides one-to-one as well as group counselling sessions to adults and young people struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. She conducts training workshops and organizes group activities for teachers and students on stress management, self-awareness, meditation, and art therapy.

Her work allows her to connect with people and assist them in a way that is both inspiring and rewarding. Kindness and compassion are her greatest strengths.

She can be reached at saima.hina@cisbeijing.com

“This school year, I feel most excited about implementing the Social and Emotional Learning Program to help students develop skills imperative for their growth as fully functional individuals.” 

Preschool-Elementary Counselor- Maria Hadjicharalambous

Maria is from Cyprus. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and her Master’s degree in Applied Social Studies in Psychology from Manchester Metropolitan University in the U.K. Maria is a licensed Systemic Family Psychotherapist and a holder of the European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP), accredited by the European Association of Psychotherapy.

She has worked as a Psychologist and Systemic Family Psychotherapist in various workplaces for the last 17 years, providing support and therapy to families, children, and adults.

She proudly joined CISB in 2022, and her role involves supporting students and their parents in dealing with various issues, including social-emotional difficulties and behavioral challenges.

She applies various counseling theories and techniques, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), narrative therapy, Systemic Family therapy (SF therapy), and positive psychology, to support children and families in addressing their challenges and achieving their goals.

Maria’s collaborative approach involves communicating with teachers, parents, and external agencies like occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, and clinical psychologists to create comprehensive support plans tailored to each child’s unique needs.”

She can be reached at maria.hadji@cisbeijing.com

“As the PYP school counselor at CISB, my main priority is to support members of our school community in need. Adopting a holistic and systemic approach is essential to effectively address and enhance our community’s unique needs and challenges amidst evolving circumstances.”

Middle-High School University Counsellor

Ms. Yena was born in Shanghai and graduated from the University of Ottawa in Canada with a Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management & International Business. She is now working on her Master of Education with the University of Pennsylvania. Ms. Yena has been with our school system for the past 16 years and currently serves as the Head Counselor at the Canadian International School of Beijing. She has played a significant role in the graduation and placement of over 18,000 students from all sister schools in China, helping them embark on educational and professional paths worldwide.

She has found it to be a wonderful and inspiring journey, working with the best students, parents, and colleagues. She is looking forward to sharing her passion for working with many more future students and assisting them in getting into their dream schools.

She can be reached at yena.wang@cisbeijing.com

“As a stronger team together, our goal is to not only work with each family to help their sons and daughters find the best-fit universities but also to care deeply about their successes and the valuable life experiences they gain from the universities they choose to attend.”