CISB was transformed into a hub of compassion during Kindness Week, where students participated in a variety of activities to spread a culture of kindness across all grades.

Elementary school students were actively involved in various lessons. They engaged in a ‘Compliment Chain’ to encourage a continuous exchange of kind words. Additionally, ‘Kindness Rocks’ was a creative activity where students painted rocks and papers with goodwill messages to surprise their peers.

Storytime sessions were another key feature, with kindness-themed books sparking discussions on the importance of being considerate. This allowed students to reflect on and internalize the message of kindness.

Students created ‘Kindness Cards’ to express gratitude, which they displayed on the lobby’s ‘Kindness Trees.’ The activity of writing ‘Gratitude Journals’ helped them reflect on daily blessings. Also, crafting ‘Friendship Bracelets’ and ‘Kindness Bookmarks’ offered tangible reminders of the week’s ethos.

A significant highlight was when students from grades 3 to 10 collectively formed the word ‘kindness’ during a photo op on the soccer field. The distribution of wristbands inscribed with ‘Choose Kindness’ became the week’s fashion statement, symbolizing a shared commitment to the cause. A writing and art contest further celebrated kindness through various forms of expression.

The interaction between older and younger students was particularly heartwarming. Interviews featuring PSES student council members and their MSHS counterparts shed light on diverse perspectives and insights on kindness.

This week created a renewed sense of community among students, underscoring the understanding that kindness, in all its forms, is a strength to be nurtured and cherished. It served as a poignant reminder of the warmth of the CISB student body and the special community we have collectively cultivated.