In late October, the U19 Boys and U19 Girls Volleyball teams participated in the ISAC Tournament. The boys went to the German Embassy School for the D2 ISAC tournament, while the girls went to Harrows International School for their tournament. The girls competed against five teams and lost only once, securing 2nd place. The boys’ team defeated all their opponents and won the prestigious gold medal.
From November 2nd to 5th, the U19 Girls’ and Boys’ volleyball teams traveled to Qingdao to participate in the ACAMIS Blue Division Volleyball Championship. They faced five formidable teams in round-robin play, experiencing both defeats and victories against tough opponents.
The U19 Girls achieved remarkable success, dominating the tournament. They won 1st place in ACAMIS, marking a historic achievement with their first-ever U19 Girls volleyball title in CISB history. Furthermore, three girls, Sunny Yuan, Jessica Li, and Nanako Mayuzumi, were recognized as Tournament All-Team Players for their outstanding performances.
In their first round of games at ACAMIS, the boys suffered defeats against YCIS-Pudong and Wellington College Shanghai. However, they managed to bounce back with a victory against Dulwich College Suzhou. Undeterred by the initial setbacks, the U19 Boys entered the second day with determination and defeated YCIS-Qingdao and QISS. In their semi-final match, the boys met YCIS-Pudong in a contested game, losing narrowly. In the final game for the bronze medal, the boys defeated Dulwich College Suzhou. Jeff Liu and Ewan McInnis were recognized as Tournament All-Team Players for their outstanding performances.

The girls’ and boys’ teams played seven matches over three days at ACAMIS, showing their dedication, skill, and spirit. Congratulations to all the Bobcat players, coaches, and supporters!

Swim Team Update

The CISB swim team’s participation in the ISAC swimming competition showcased their unwavering commitment and relentless training. With a collective determination to excel, our talented swimmers excelled in their respective heats, emerging victorious in every category they competed in. Their impressive achievements reflect their skills and highlight the exceptional teamwork and support that define our close-knit swimming community.