In an impressive display of mathematical prowess, CISB students have achieved remarkable success in the recent Noetic Math Learning Contest held on November 21, 2023. This contest, renowned for challenging young minds in mathematics, witnessed our students demonstrating their exceptional problem-solving skills and securing commendable positions on the National Roll in the United States.

With more than 27,700 students from 528 schools entering the contest, the achievements of our CISB students have been nothing short of remarkable. Their accomplishments in such a competitive environment underscore the rich mathematical environment fostered at CISB.

A Showcase of Young Talent

The journey began with our Grade 2 team of vibrant young mathematicians who received an Honorable Mention on the National Roll. This achievement is a significant milestone, highlighting the team’s dedication and skill. Further elevating Grade 2’s achievement, Iris Deng received an Honorable Mention, underscoring her excellence in mathematics.

Continuing the Winning Streak

The success continued with the Grade 3 team, who emerged victorious, securing their well-deserved spot and an Honorable Mention on the National Roll. Complementing this team’s success, Elizabeth Bambick, Maggie Guo, and Suye Hong also received Honorable Mentions for their outstanding performances, showcasing CISB’s commitment to nurturing mathematical talent.

A Remarkable Performance by Grade 4

The Grade 4 team’s first-place victory and subsequent Honor Roll recognition marked a significant achievement for CISB. Notably, the overall team competition at CISB was dominated by Grade 4, with an impressive record-high score of 470 points. Additionally, 18 more students from this grade were honored on the Honor Roll, reflecting the depth of talent within our school.

Grade 5: A Testament to Excellence

In Grade 5, CISB continued to succeed; the spotlight was on Alan Kang and Damon Ma, who were declared Team Winners. Their exceptional performances merited recognition on the Honor Roll. Furthermore, 20 additional students from Grade 5 were also acknowledged on the Honor Roll, demonstrating the breadth of excellence present in our student body.

A Celebration of Dedication and Skill

These achievements in the Noetic Math Learning Contest are a reflection of our students’ mathematical abilities and also a testament to their hard work, determination, and the supportive environment at CISB. As we celebrate these successes, we are reminded of each student’s potential and the bright future for these young mathematicians.

This collective success is not solely academic; it reflects the unwavering support from the CISB community and our shared vision for excellence. CISB continues to improve the rigor of all our programs, and results such as these show that we are finding success through more challenging curricula, the use of technology, and individualized instruction for all students.