In our continuous effort to develop a culture of lifelong learning and professional excellence, CISB has introduced the Teachers Teaching Teachers (TTT) program as a vital part of our professional development initiative this year.

The TTT program is an innovative approach where teachers who have undertaken specialized training or workshops are given dedicated time within our academic calendar to impart their newly acquired skills and knowledge to their colleagues. This initiative represents a significant stride in building the collective capacity of our entire school community.

One of the core objectives of TTT is to model a culture of continuous learning. By encouraging our educators to be both teachers and learners, we nurture an environment that values ongoing personal and professional growth. This approach enhances teacher efficacy and directly impacts our students’ quality of education.

Through TTT, our teachers gain unique opportunities to share their experiences, methodologies, and insights gleaned from various training programs and workshops. This process enriches our faculty’s teaching “toolkit” and promotes a collaborative and supportive professional community.

By investing in our teachers’ growth, we are indirectly enriching our students’ learning experiences. The TTT initiative is a testament to our belief that the best educators are continuously evolving, and it aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing the highest standard of education.

This initiative will bring about a transformative change in the way we approach learning and teaching, setting a new standard for educational excellence. It will also ensure that CISB remains at the forefront of educational innovation and excellence.