Newsletter Preschool and Elementary School / 校内一周回顾/幼儿园及小学部

This week, we are thrilled to recognize the accomplishments of our students at CISB. Our Kindergarten class has successfully graduated to Grade 1, showcasing their growth and readiness for the next chapter of their educational journey. Similarly, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to our PYP Grade 5 graduates for completing their elementary education and embarking on the exciting MYP stage.

In addition, our Pre-kindergarten students have been actively engaged in the “How the World Works” unit, exploring the fascinating world of cooking through interactive classes. It is inspiring to witness the dedication and progress of our students as they continue to be successful and balanced. We are proud of their achievements and look forward to their continued growth next academic year.

Kindergarten Graduation of 2023!

本周,我们很高兴地分享学生们在 CISB 取得的学术成就。我们的幼儿园班级即将成功升入一年级,展示了他们的成长并为下一章的教育旅程做好了准备。同样,我们衷心祝贺我们的 PYP 5年级毕业生完成了他们的小学教育并踏上了激动人心的 中学MYP 阶段。



On the afternoon of June 16th, 2023, parents and family members of our amazing Kindergarten classes gathered on campus to see CISB’s Kindergarten class of 2023 graduate to Grade 1.

We are thrilled to celebrate the achievements of our Kindergarten students as they wrap up an exciting year of learning and growth. This year, our Kindergarten students have made incredible progress in their academic and social-emotional development. They have learned to read and write, count and calculate, and explore the world around them with curiosity and enthusiasm. They have developed important social skills such as sharing, caring and cooperation and have formed lasting friendships with their peers. We are so proud of their dedication and hard work, and we look forward to seeing them continue to thrive as they move on to first grade. Congratulations, Kindergarten students, on all that you have achieved this year!

 -Ms. Matyumza and Ms. Xi Hong

2023年6月16日下午,家长以及家人们受邀来到校园,观看了CISB 2023届幼儿园班级的毕业典礼。我们很高兴与大家一起见证 CISB 幼儿园毕业典礼,这是一个欢乐而温馨的时刻,标志着我们幼儿园学生生活中的一个重要里程碑。


祝贺 2023 届幼儿园班级, 我们希望我们的幼儿园毕业生在未来的所有努力中继续取得成功、快乐和成就感。

-Ms. Matyumza and Ms. Xi Hong

Celebrating Grade 5 Graduation: Marking Milestones PYP to MYP CISB  / 五年级毕业典礼

On Tuesday, June 13, 2023, CISB hosted the Grade 5 Graduation Ceremony to celebrate and honour our students!

2023 年 6 月 13 日,星期二,CISB 举办了 2023 年 5 年级毕业典礼,以庆祝和表彰我们的5 年级学生!

We are all incredibly proud of every one of our promoted students to the MYP. They have worked hard and been resilient this year; this promotion ceremony was a fantastic way to send them to Middle School!  


Throughout the ceremony, students heard encouraging speeches from the Elementary Vice Principal, Mrs. Woodburn, and the Elementary Principal, Mr. Mclnnis. 

在整个典礼上上,学生们听到了小学副校长 Mrs. Woodburn和小学校长 Mr. Mclnnis的鼓舞人心的演讲。

They received short life lessons from each of the Grade 5 teachers (Mr. Bartlett, Mr. Ellewee, Mr. Watterson, and Mr. Noi). In addition to some inspiring speeches, attendees had an up close and personal look at each student’s growth from Kindergarten to Grade 5 and a glimpse into their favorite memories of elementary school!
他们从每位 5年级 班主任老师(Mr. Bartlett, Mr. Ellewee, Mr. Watterson, and Mr. Noi)那里接受了简短的人生忠告。除了学生们精彩的演讲,全校师生和家长们还近距离亲眼目睹了每个学生从幼儿园到 5年级 的成长过程,并一窥他们最喜欢的小学回忆!
The Grade 5 Homeroom teachers announced warm congratulations and presented the students with their Elementary Diplomas. The BML, Specialty, and Mandarin teachers were in the audience cheering and celebrating the Grade 5 students’ huge accomplishment of being promoted to the MYP.  

Through the PYP, graduates have grown so much as learners, and the Grade 5 team is happy and proud of our graduates and wishes them well in the next chapter of their educational journey! The Grade 5 team thanks you for the laughs, the unforgettable moments we shared, and for making a difference in our lives.

5年级班主任老师宣布了热烈的祝贺,并为学生们颁发了小学毕业证书。此外,我们的 BML老师,体育老师,音乐老师以及中文老师在观众席上欢呼并庆祝五年级学生升入中学MYP阶段巨大成就。


Pre-Kindergarten Unit of Inquiry: “How The World Works”

This week our Pre-Kindergarten students inquired into using materials and tools through a cooking class, specifically for making cakes and pizzas.

During the cooking class, our young learners learned about the properties of materials and tools, the differences between liquid and solid ingredients, the function of mixing tools, and the role of heat in cooking.




It was an excellent way to develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while using kitchen tools and utensils. 

Inquiry into materials and tools through a cooking class is an engaging and effective way for Pre-Kindergarten students to develop practical skills.



Upcoming Events

June 20th – PreK Final Concert 9-10 am

June 22nd – Dragon Boat Festival

June 27th – MSHS Awards Ceremony

June 28th – Terry Fox Run

June 29th – Spirit Day

June 30th – Last Day of School, Dismissal at 12:30 pm


6月20日:幼儿园年终音乐会 (早9-10点)



6月28日:Terry Fox 公益跑活动

6月29日:Spirit Day

6月30日:学年结束日,12:30 结束