Middle and High School / 校内一周回顾/中学及高中部

This week, CISB was alive with unforgettable moments embodying our commitment to reflective and internationally minded learning. Our MYP Grades 6 to 10 students showcased their incredible talents and celebrated diversity during the captivating United Nations (UN) Day. The Wednesday parent session played a crucial role in shaping our Student Wellbeing Plan for the upcoming academic year, fostering a supportive environment for our students. Lastly, our Grade 11 DP Visual Arts students had an inspiring field trip to CAFA, expanding their creativity and broadening their horizons. 

As we approach the end of the academic year, we’re excited for the last week filled with exciting activities and memorable farewells. We continue to create an inclusive and enriching environment for our students. Enjoy this week’s newsletter!

CISB’s United Nations (UN) Day: Celebrating Diversity and Student Excellence

CISB recently hosted its inaugural UN Day, where our students showcased their remarkable talents and deep understanding of diverse cultures. Working in their advisories for over a month and a half, they recreated their selected countries using crafts, food, and cultural elements.

Our students demonstrated their meticulous attention to detail by transforming classrooms into immersive representations of various nations. This event was appreciated by parents who proudly witnessed our students’ efforts and achievements.






UN Day exemplifies our commitment to fostering global-mindedness and appreciation for diversity, aligning with the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP). CISB looks forward to future opportunities to celebrate and embrace the rich tapestry of cultures within our community.

Pivot: Student Wellbeing  Parents Session / 核心:学生健康家长会 

On June 21st we held an important parent session at CISB, where parents from Grades 5 to 11 actively participated in shaping our Student Wellbeing Plan for the upcoming school year. This collaborative session aimed to review the valuable data collected from our students and here directly from the students about wellbeing. We also looked for parent feedback on our MSHS Student Wellbeing Plan. The engagement and insights shared by our parents were invaluable, as they played a pivotal role in shaping the direction of our plan.

During the session, parents could delve into the data and better understand our staff and students’ perspectives. We are grateful for their active participation and commitment to fostering a supportive environment for our students.

At CISB, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration and listening to our community. The parent session exemplified our dedication to creating an inclusive and student-centered approach to wellbeing. With the finalized plan in place, it will serve as a strong foundation for nurturing our students’ holistic growth and success. Together, we are building a caring and thriving community where student wellbeing remains at the forefront of our educational journey.




IBDP Visual Arts Creative Inspiration

On Friday, June 15th, our Grade 11 DP Visual Arts students embarked on a field trip to CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts). They had the opportunity to explore the art exhibition showcasing the portfolios of university-level students. CAFA, renowned as the top art institution in China, provides an inspiring environment for our students to reflect on the practices of these incredibly talented artists, which will inform their artistic journeys.

IBDP 视觉艺术创作灵感


Accompanied by Mr. Fei and Ms. Liu, our students delved into the world of visual art, assuming multiple roles during their visit. In the DP journey, they will become art critics, markers, and curators, allowing them to engage deeply with the exhibited works. This immersive experience was a valuable source of inspiration for their upcoming comparative studies and the creation of their portfolios.

Visiting CAFA marked a significant milestone in our students’ Visual Arts education, as it sparked their creativity and encouraged them to broaden their perspectives. The field trip catalyzed their artistic growth, igniting a passion for exploration and a deeper understanding of the art world.

Upcoming Events

June 27th – MSHS Awards Ceremony

June 28th – Terry Fox Run

June 29th – Spirit Day

June 30th – Last Day of School, Dismissal at 12:30 pm




6月28日:Terry Fox 公益跑活动

6月29日:Spirit Day

6月30日:学年结束日,12:30 结束