Celebrating Our Bobcat Athletes: 

CISB 2022-2023 Athletics Highlights Recap

This past year at the Canadian International School of Beijing (CISB) has been nothing short of amazing when it comes to sports. We’ve witnessed an incredible pool of athletic talent and our students’ triumph in various sports throughout the seasons. Our Bobcats and their outstanding coaches have achieved remarkable accomplishments across different athletic teams and individuals. We’re excited to share some of the standout moments from each season, celebrating the impressive achievements of CISB’s dedicated student-athletes.

Season One: U19 Volleyball and U14 Soccer

September to November 2022

Season 1 kicked off with U19 Volleyball, attracting an impressive turnout of 40 players across the boys’ and girls’ teams. The Girls’ Varsity and JV teams experienced successful seasons, clinching more victories than defeats. The boys’ team showcased their dominance by remaining undefeated in ISAC league play and were poised as heavy favorites for the ISAC championship tournament, which unfortunately got canceled due to pandemic restrictions.

U19 Volleyball Teams

The U14 Soccer teams, consisting of boys and girls, displayed talent and growth throughout the season. The girls secured victory in two-thirds of their games, while the boys showed improvement in each match, culminating in a commendable top-four finish at the ISAC tournament.

U14 Soccer Team

Season Two: Girls U14 Volleyball, U19 Basketball and School Swim Team

November 2022 to March 2023

Season two witnessed remarkable achievements in Girls’ U14 Volleyball, with over 30 girls participating and forming three teams. The Grade 8 girls excelled, finishing as runners-up at the prestigious ISAC Championship tournament. Similarly, the Grade 6 girls showcased their skills, securing a commendable second-place finish.

U14 Girls’ Volleyball Teams

The U19 boys and girls Basketball teams had a great season. The boy’s team finished with a record of 15 wins and only one loss. They swept through the ISAC and ACAMIS tournaments, clinching championships in both, with the ACAMIS victory marking a significant milestone as the first Boys’ basketball championship in the school’s history.

U19 Basketball Teams

The school’s Swim Team returned to competitive action after the pandemic hiatus and performed admirably at the ACAMIS championship, notably Jessica. L shone, securing fourth place overall in the girls’ division, and several swimmers achieved personal bests.

Swimming Team

Season Three: U14 Girls Basketball, U19 Boys and Girls Soccer, Badminton, and Varsity Golf

March to June 2023

Season 3 showcased exceptional performances across multiple sports. U14 Girls’ Basketball started the season with a team of novices but emerged as ISAC champions, delivering an undefeated performance at the ISAC championship tournament.

U14 Girl’s Basketball Team

The U19 Boys’ Soccer team triumphed as ACAMIS champions and secured second place in ISAC. The U19 Girls’ Soccer team secured a commendable second-place finish at the ISAC tournament, showcasing their skill and determination.

U19 Soccer Teams

In badminton, CISB celebrated success as Sunny and Joyce clinched the title of ISAC Girls Doubles champions. Additionally, the ACAMIS badminton team emerged as runners-up in their division at the national championship tournament held in Shenzhen.

Badminton Team

Adding to the list of achievements, Varsity Golf debuted in school history with Sabrina. G claiming a top-three finish for girls at the ISAC Golf tournament. The team’s solid performances at both the ISAC and ACAMIS tournaments highlight a bright future for CISB golf.

Golf Team

Our Bobcat athletes have truly shone throughout the seasons, showing incredible dedication, teamwork, and impressive skills. Whether it’s on the volleyball court, the soccer field, the basketball court, in the pool, on the badminton court, or even on the golf course, these students have left an unforgettable mark of excellence and sportsmanship at CISB. We can’t wait to see what these talented athletes will achieve in the future as our incredible athletics department continues to foster their growth and development.