Newsletter Middle and High School / 校内一周回顾/中学及高中部

Time flies! The end of the academic year is just around the corner, and our students have achieved so much. We are delighted to share the accomplishments of our Bobcats in this week’s MSHS newsletter.

The Grade 6-8 students have impressed the Bobcats community with an excellent Science Fair, showcasing their passions and learning outcomes.

Grade 11 hosted their Theory of Knowledge (TOK) exhibition, demonstrating their critical thinking abilities.

It is impressive to witness the active participation of CISB in the Model United Nations conference. This not only allows students to engage in debates but also helps them develop diplomatic and negotiation skills.

Lastly, congratulations to our amazing Bobcats badminton team on their victories in the internal badminton tournament! Seeing hard work and dedication pay off is always gratifying, and the entire community is thrilled with their success!

MYP Science Fair- Witness Student’s Passion for the Scientific Journey

Each year, CISB’s Grade 6-8 students present their Science Fair projects in May, showcasing their diverse projects in various scientific disciplines, including biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science.

A science fair project is a unique way for students to pose questions for which they must seek answers and satisfy their curiosity about the world around them. It can take the form of an experiment, a demonstration, a research effort, a collection of scientific items, or a display of scientific apparatus. Through developing their science fair projects, students gain an appreciation for the work of scientists.









During the fair, guests had the opportunity to engage with students and delve into their scientific thought processes. Everyone was encouraged to ask questions and interact with students, fostering their scientific curiosity and passion.


Congratulations to all the participants and winners! 

This event serves as an inspiration for more students to pursue their passion for science and continue their scientific journey.



Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Celebration  知识论(TOK)庆典

On June 7th, the Grade 11 students at CISB hosted the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) exhibition as part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The exhibition served as a platform for students to showcase their engagement with TOK concepts and their ability to apply them to real-world objects as evidence of how knowledge manifests. During the exhibition, students presented their chosen TOK prompt and connected it to three objects representing their exploration of the prompt’s theme. This exhibition demonstrated their capacity for critical thinking and reflection on the nature of knowledge. The event provided a valuable opportunity for students to delve into the complexities of knowledge and engage with TOK principles tangibly and practically.

Congratulations to the Grade 11 students!


MUN Conference at CISB

From June 3rd-4th, CISB students took part as delegates in the Model United Nations conference hosted by CISB at the school campus. Our students represented various committees, including the Human Rights Council, Security Council, and the unique MCU Crisis Committee, where they assumed the roles of Marvel superheroes instead of countries. Among the delegates, five students participated in the MCU Crisis Committee, one in the Security Council, and one in the Human Rights Council.



Throughout the conference, students dedicated themselves to research, speech-making, and drafting resolutions to achieve their country’s and individuals’ goals. We commend all the delegates for their hard work and active participation, both in delivering speeches and working behind the scenes to advance their country’s objectives. Special recognition goes to CISB students Ziyang Zhang and Arthur Vadnjal, who received the titles of Outstanding Delegate and Best Delegate, respectively.

在整个会议期间,学生们致力于探究、演讲和起草决议,以实现国家和个人的目标。我们对所有代表的辛勤工作和积极参与表示赞许,包括所有的演讲者以及在幕后为推动本国的目标而工作的学生。再此,特此表彰 CISB的Ziyang Zhang和Arthur Vadnjal,他们分别获得了优秀代表和最佳代表的称号。

It was a rewarding experience for all students, and they eagerly anticipate participating again next year. We extend our gratitude to all the delegates for their valuable contributions and commitment.

Athletics Updates  

Internal Badminton Tournament

Throughout this year, we have offered a variety of After-School Activities (ASAs) to our students, including badminton. It has been a fantastic year for our team, filled with enjoyable practices on Saturday mornings, thrilling trips to other schools for the ISAC competition, where our girls’ double team secured the gold medal in the 2nd division, and even participation in ACAMIS in Shenzhen, where our team achieved a remarkable 3rd place in the 2nd division.





On June 3rd, we held our end-of-year Badminton competition at CISB, allowing our students to compete against their friends in singles matches. After engaging in intense games that pushed them to their limits, we proudly congratulate Rachel, Sunny, and Joyce as the winners for the girls’ category and Loucas, Kwan, and Aki for the boys’ category. Their determination and skill were truly impressive. Go Bobcats!

6月3日,本校内举办了年终羽毛球锦标赛。这样的比赛,为学生们提供了与队友进行单打比赛的机会。激烈的比赛中队员们挑战极限,这里我们要自豪地祝贺Rachel, Sunny和Joyce获得了女子组的冠军;Loucas, Kwan和Aki分别获得了男子组的冠军。他们的奋进和娴熟的技巧确实令人印象深刻。冲吧,Bobcats!

Upcoming Events

June 13th – Gr. 5 Graduation

June 16th – Kindergarten Graduation

June 20th – PreK Final Concert 9-10 am

June 22nd – Dragon Boat Festival

June 27th – MSHS Awards Ceremony

June 28th – Terry Fox Run

June 29th – Spirit Day

June 30th – Last Day of School, Dismissal at 12:30 pm




6月20日:幼儿园年终音乐会 (早9-10点)



6月28日:Terry Fox 公益跑活动

6月29日:Spirit Day

6月30日:学年结束日,12:30 结束