CISB opened its doors to new and returning students for the first day of the school year. The beautiful cool morning weather added to a perfect setting as students embarked on their challenging educational adventure.  

Mr. Prescott, the Head of School, set the tone for the day with a warm welcome, personally greeting each student and family as they arrived. His words of encouragement and enthusiasm reassured everyone that CISB is not just a school but a second home.  

CISB’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence was evident from day one. Teachers laid down the guidelines and expectations for high-level learning in every classroom. The focus was clear: providing students with the tools to excel academically and socially.  
The day was not just a return to learning; it was a promise—a promise by CISB to continue its dedication to nurturing young minds and fostering a culture of excellence, which has consistently placed students into the best universities worldwide.  
As CISB implements its exceptional academic program once again, the stage is set for another year of achievement, learning, and personal growth.

Welcome back to school, Bobcats—it is going to be a fantastic year!