Highlights from CISB’s Orientation Day

CISB hosted a successful Orientation Day, bringing together parents, students, and faculty for a heartwarming kick-off to the new school year. As soon as the school gates opened, the campus was filled with warm smiles and animated conversations, setting the tone for the day. Families converged to register, collect information packets, buy uniforms, and secure ID cards.  
In the auditorium, parents and students gathered to gain insights into CISB’s academic programs and hear about the school’s expectations from our principals. This session laid out the school’s commitment to excellence and set the expectations for the educational journey ahead.
The Orientation Day reaffirmed CISB’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive learning community that delivers a rigorous academic program. We are grateful to all the families who joined us and we look forward to this school year.  
Stay tuned for more updates and events as we embark on another exciting journey. 

Together is Better!