September 28th, 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians,

On behalf of Dr. Pang, our Board of Directors and all staff it is my great pleasure to send to you best wishes as we close for the Mid-Autumn Festival and the October National Holiday. 欢度国庆 -huān dù guó qìng, “Enjoy the National Day Holiday”!

Please note that as a result of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Holiday there will be no classes from September 29th to October 6th. School reopens and all classes resume on October 9th.

We are excited and grateful that you and your child[ren] have joined our CISB school family. Thank you for placing your trust in our programs and with our staff!

Our students have enjoyed an extremely positive beginning to this new school year. School truly feels like school once again with all activities up and running and being able to welcome families back onto our campus for a variety of parent/guardians events. A very successful Meet the Teacher Night, CISB Executive Parent Committee election, principal tea-times, a variety of academic meetings, university sessions, sporting events and so much more has brought parents/guardians into our school to learn more about what happens at their child’s school.

I would encourage you to regularly go to our school website or WeChat Channel to see the many activities/events that our students have been or will be involved in-

Thanks very much for your support and cooperation throughout the school year. Building a strong partnership between our homes and school will help us see students achieving at their highest level possible.

Happy mid-Autumn Festival and Happy National Holiday!!!!! May you experience safe travels and time spent with family and friends that will be filled with laughter and lasting memories!

Best regards,

Douglas K. Prescott

Douglas K. Prescott
Head of School—CISB Beijing

Head of School—CISS Shenyang 

AKD Academic Superintendent