As we continue to strive for academic excellence at the Canadian International School of Beijing (CISB), we are committed to using the best tools and practices to support your child’s learning journey. One such tool that has become an integral part of our educational framework is the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing. In this article, we aim to shed light on why MAP testing is so valuable to us and how it benefits your child’s educational experience.

What is NWEA MAP Testing?

The NWEA MAP test is a computer-adaptive assessment that measures a student’s skills in reading, mathematics, and language usage. Unlike traditional tests that assess only what a student knows at a specific grade level, MAP tests adapt to each student’s ability, providing a more accurate measure of what they know and are ready to learn next.

Why Does CISB Value MAP Testing?

Personalized Learning

MAP tests offer a personalized assessment experience. If a student answers a question correctly, the test adapts to present a more challenging question. Conversely, if a student answers incorrectly, the test adjusts to a simpler question. This dynamic nature of the test ensures that each student’s unique learning needs are identified.

Data-Informed Decision Making

MAP tests provide detailed, actionable data that can be used to set individual learning goals for students. Teachers can identify areas where a student excels and where they may need additional support. This data-informed approach allows for more targeted instruction, ensuring that each student receives the support they need to succeed.

Monitoring Progress

MAP tests can be administered multiple times throughout the school year, offering a way to track a student’s academic growth over time. This longitudinal data is invaluable for teachers, administrators, and parents alike in understanding how a student is progressing.

Next Steps for CISB

We understand that assessment is just the first step in the learning process. After MAP assessments are completed, teachers will engage in professional development sessions focused on interpreting MAP data. These sessions will enable teachers to set specific, measurable targets for our students, ensuring that the insights gained from MAP testing are translated into actionable steps for academic improvement.

NWEA MAP testing is not just another test; it is a powerful educational tool that provides valuable insights into your child’s learning needs and progress. By integrating MAP testing into our educational framework, we are better equipped to offer a personalized, data-informed educational experience for every student at CISB.
We thank you for your continued support and partnership in your child’s educational journey. The more we communicate, the more we can help our children. Mr. McInnis looks forward to welcoming you to our first Principal’s Tea of the year on Wednesday September 27th beginning at 8:30 am.