Visit the I & S Exhibition!

Middle and High School Parents – Wednesday 1st, March 2023.

Dear MYP Parent(s) Guardian(s):

We are pleased to announce that on Wednesday March 1, parents and guardians will be able to come onto campus to attend the I & S Exhibition. This yearly event is a chance for students to showcase their work. Each grade in I&S had a unique and curriculum focused goal that was explored in the context of MYP objectives with emphasis on practicing and enhancing their investigating skills.

You must register to attend via to the QR below:

You are invited to visit our MYP (Middle Years Programme) Interdisciplinary Unit (IDU) Week involving all students in Grades 6 to 10.

During the IDU week, MYP students worked off-timetable with their teachers on an interdisciplinary unit. On Friday, February 17, students will share the final products of their learning with other students in an exhibition. Parents/Guardians can only stay for the specific time allocated to your child’s grade level.

You must register to attend via to the QR below:

Parents are welcome to view all grade level exhibits.