Newsletter Middle and High School / 校内一周回顾/初高中部

Welcoming Our Parents Back on Campus! 

This week’s newsletter explores the MYP IDU week, where we were delighted to have our parents visit the campus and engage with their children’s IDU projects. In addition, we examine the Extended Essay (EE) process in the Diploma Programme. We also celebrated Mother Tongue Day across MSHS this week, bringing together our student body to celebrate all of our incredible global citizens. Finally, in true CISB, the U14 volleyball teams performed outstandingly, bringing home the first ISAC trophy of 2023, and the U19 basketball hard-earned victory.

IDU Week

Last week all MYP students (Grades 6 to 10) were engaged in Interdisciplinary Units. Teachers have been busy developing these units for quite a while. This has been an ambitious project that is challenging to implement and organize.

In the Middle Years Programme (MYP), interdisciplinary learning supports students in understanding bodies of knowledge from two or more disciplines or subject groups to integrate them and create new understanding. Students work independently and collaboratively to deepen their understanding during that week.

Stay tuned for the full video next week, where we explore the IDU week projects and student outcomes and hear what parents thought of their visit to CISB’s IDU week.


本周的初高中新闻包含 MYP当中的 IDU周,我们很高兴能够邀请家长们来校参观学生们的IDU展览。此外,我们还介绍了IB课程中的拓展性论文(EE)过程。 





Mother Tongue Day  

International Mother Tongue Day is a day to raise awareness of our international community’s linguistic and cultural diversity. This week we invited students and teachers to celebrate the day. Students had opportunities to represent their country’s language and culture. Students were introduced to Canadian colloquial English from Mr. Hambrook’s hometown, Miramichi, New Brunswick, reminding everyone that all English is different. There are expressions and words that even another English speaker from another part of Canada wouldn’t recognize!





Janka. M from grade 6

“I am from Poland, and my mother tongue is Polish. Normally, I promote my language by asking others to repeat ‘Hello,’ which is like a tongue twister in Polish. It is important to know your mother tongue; when you speak it, you should feel proud of it. It’s like learning a new language, but you can use it more in your home country.”

来自6年级的Janka. M说:“我来自波兰,我的母语是波兰语。所以通常我会用波兰语说”你好”,并让其他同学重复‘你好’,这在波兰语中就像绕口令一样。了解你的母语很重要;当你讲母语时,你会感到自豪。就像学习一门新语言一样,但你可以在自己的国家更多地使用它。”

April. H from Grade 7

“Alina and I promoted our mother tongue and tradition by talking about the famous poem and movie 满江红 (Full River Red). We chose it because it is very popular right now, and also because it can teach about history. Knowing our mother tongue is important because it is part of our culture.” 

Alina. P from grade 7

“To maintain our linguistic and cultural diversity, we should encourage using native languages as much as possible. Because it promotes and provides access to literature, poetry, original historical records, religious writings, philosophical works, music, and visual and performing arts, language ability is therefore viewed as the key to understanding a culture”. 

Katrina. A from Grade 8

“I am from Latvia. I promote my mother tongue by speaking it at home every day. I even try to teach my friends some words to make the language more recognizable. If you are from Latvia, it is essential to know the language as it is the country’s official language. If one does not know their mother tongue, they may be excluded from activities in their home country”.

来自七年级的学生 April. H 说 

“Alina 和我通过谈论著名的诗歌和电影<<满江红>>来宣传我们的母语和传统。我们选择它是因为它现在很受欢迎,也可以学习中国历史因。了解我们的母语很重要,因为它是我们文化的一部分。” 

来自七年级的学生 Alina.P 补充道 


来自八年级的 Katrina.A说 


Meruyert. B from Grade 8  

“I am from Kazakhstan. I promote my mother language, Kazakh, by speaking it with my family and friends. Also, I am promoting it by taking Kazakh classes to improve my speaking. It is important to know your mother language because it represents and develops your personal and cultural identity”. 

Mayank. T from Grade 8

“I am Mayank from India. On an everyday basis, I promote my mother tongue by speaking it every day. Otherwise, I could promote my language by participating in events created by the school in which language and culture are celebrated. I feel that it is important to know my mother tongue because it will be extremely helpful for me to communicate with people with the language limitations of only my mother tongue, which is Kannada. Language barriers are one of the biggest problems that people worldwide face, and knowing more than one language is a major achievement”. 

Extended Essay (EE) in the Diploma Programme

As DP (Grade 11) students embark on their journey towards the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), they are introduced to the core component of the programme, the Extended Essay. During this research process, our DP students use their Approaches to Learning skills such as Research, Communication, and Critical Thinking. Some students focus on a topic related to their intended field of study in universities, while others choose a topic that aligns with their extracurricular interests. They must identify primary and secondary sources to support their project. This research process will enable them to demonstrate the IB Learner Profile attributes and develop the whole person academically and personally.

来自八年级 的Meruyert.B 


来自八年级 Mayank.T说 



当 DP(11 年级)学生踏上国际文凭课程 (IBDP) 时,他们将了解该课程的核心组成部分,即拓展性论文。在这个学习过程中,我们的 DP 学生使用他们的方法来学习技能,如研究、沟通和批判性思维。一些学生专注于与他们在大学的预科学习领域相关的主题,而另一些学生则选择与他们的课外兴趣相符的主题。学生们必须确定主要和次要信息来源以支持他们的论文。这个研究过程将很好的展示了作为 IB 学习者的属性,并在学术和个人方面都得以发展。 

拓展性论文、TOK 和 CAS 是 IBDP 中具有挑战性但很重要的的组成部分,通过不懈探索,学生可以在这些领域取得优异成绩,成为全面发展的学习者。

The Extended Essay, TOK, and CAS are challenging but rewarding components of the IBDP, and with dedication and hard work, students can excel in these areas and become well-rounded learners. 

Athletics Updates


U19 Girls and Boys Basketball 

The U19 Girls’ basketball team travelled to YCIS last week and came away with a hard-earned victory 16-10! They were led by Linda. L and Sunny. Y, who both scored multiple clutch baskets down the stretch in the tightly contested defensive struggle.

The U19 basketball boys continued their hot start to the season with two dominant wins last week. They travelled to YCIS on Wednesday and returned with a 45-5 victory. Then they hosted BIBA on Friday afternoon, winning 70-16 on the strength of a suffocating defence and a balanced offence led by Antonio Clare, Ahmed Chang, and Nic Clare. The season continued with a road game against BCIS, where the Bobcats dropped an exciting overtime game 53-52. On Wednesday, the boys hosted another game against THIS in front of a large crowd and defeated THIS 36-35.

Well done, Bobcats!


上周,U19女子篮球队前往YCIS参赛,并以16-10的艰难胜利脱颖而出!他们由Linda. L和Sunny. Y引领,两人在防守方面都表现出色,多次在激烈的防守争夺中得分。 

U19男子篮球队在本赛季的前两场比赛中保持了绝佳状态。他们于上周三前往YCIS,以45-5的胜利获得胜利之后在星期五下午在CISB主场迎战BIBA,在一场以Antonio Clare,Ahmed Chang和Nic Clare为首的平衡攻势的强大防守下,以70-16获胜。赛季继续进行,球队又在客场与BCIS进行了激动人心的加时赛,最终以53-52获胜。在本周三,男子篮球队在众多观众面前呈现了另一场精彩的比赛,以36-35击败了THIS。

U14 Girls Volleyball 

CISB takes home their first ISAC trophy of 2023, courtesy of the Grade 6 girls U14 Volleyball team. The girls faced a competitive field of four U14 teams from Beijing and Tianjin, made up of players mostly in grades 7 and 8. CISB solidly defeated ISB and BSB during pool play and started strong against the eventual champions from the International School of Tianjin, winning the first set 30-28 before dropping sets 2 and 3. The girls met IST again in the Championship Match for three exciting sets, including another marathon victory in set 2.

Ultimately, the Bobcats had to settle for the second-place trophy, finishing 1-2 (13-25, 27-25, 10-15). The team was led by Emma Wu, who served an outstanding 30/40 serves with 21 aces. Support was added by Angela Wang on serve receive with 27/39.

IST nominated the entire CISB team for the tournament sportsmanship award for their positive attitudes and teamwork. This young team’s success is largely due to the commitment of all the CISB U-19 Volleyball players that have assisted with practices and games throughout the season. U19 standout setter Nanako Mayuzumi did an outstanding job mentoring and coaching this young group of players.

U14 女排

在2023年ISAC比赛中,由6年级U14女子排球队获得了首个奖杯。女孩们面对了来自北京和天津的四支U14队伍,这些队伍由大部分在7年级和8年级的球员组成。在小组赛中,CISB在比赛中轻松战胜了ISB和BSB,开始时反客为主地赢得了第一盘,30-28,但在第二盘和第三盘输了。女孩们在冠军赛中又一次面对来自IST学校的对抗,比赛共进行了三轮,其中包括另一场压倒性的胜利。最终,Bobcats获得第二名的好成绩。Emma Wu成为球队队长,她的出色发球表现为30/40,其中21次直接得分,Angela Wang的接发球表现也非常出色,27/39。IST提名整个CISB团队获得了锦标赛体育精神奖,以表彰他们的积极态度和团队合作。这支年轻的团队的成功很大程度上归功于整个CISB U-19排球球员,在整个赛季的练习和比赛中提供帮助。U19出色的传球手 Nanako Mayuzumi 在协助教练指导这个 U14女子排球小组方面表现出色。