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Welcoming Our Parents Back on Campus!

Welcome to this week’s edition of our PYP newsletter, where we share exciting highlights from our students’ learning journeys. As an IB World School, we are committed to fostering a balanced and holistic approach to education, as reflected in this month’s theme of being Balanced, celebrated by our PYP students.

In this edition, we are thrilled to showcase the diverse ways our school community engages parents in their children’s learning. From fun-filled field trips in Pre-Kindergarten classes to engaging celebrations of Mother Language Day with parent participation, there are plenty of inspiring examples to share. Additionally, we highlight the innovative experiments our Grade 5 students conducted, exploring the fascinating intricacies of the digestive system.

We hope you enjoy reading about these and other exciting updates from our PYP program.

Fun Field Trip for Pre-Kindergarten

We are excited to share that our PK4 and PK3 students recently went on their first field trip in three years! PK4 students visited the Song Choong Ling Drama Center, while PK3 students explored The Chinese Museum of Women and Children.

The trip was a safe and enjoyable experience for all students. The younger students had a great time visiting the grand hall of the building, participating in an acting lesson, and exploring various scientific centers, such as the water park, the orchard farm, and the brick jungle. This provided a fantastic opportunity for our students to use and enhance their research, communication, and self-management skills while collaborating during the activities.

The organization of the trip was smooth and effortless for everyone involved. The buses were comfortable, security guards ensured our safety, and the lunch provided was both delicious and healthy. Professional photographers were also present to capture every valuable memory of our trip.

We look forward to more fun-filled trips in the future and are grateful for the enriching experiences that field trips provide for our students.


本周的 PYP 小学新闻我们将分享学生春游激动人心的亮点。作为一所 IB 世界学校,我们致力于培养一种平衡和全面的教育方法,正如我们 PYP 学生庆祝的本月平衡主题所反映的那样。 在本周新闻中,我们很高兴展示我们的学校社区让家长参与孩子学习的各种方式。从学前班充满乐趣的春游之旅到有家长参与的母语日庆祝活动,有很多鼓舞人心的故事可以分享。此外,我们重点介绍了五年级学生进行的创新实验,探索消化系统的迷人复杂性,我们希望您喜欢阅读我们 PYP学习之旅。


本周二和周三,我们的 PK4 和 PK3 学生进行了时隔三年的首次春游活动。PK4学生参观了宋庆龄青少年科技文化交流中心,PK3同学则参观了中国妇女儿童博物馆。



Mother Language Day  

Did you know that CISB staff and students speak over 30 different languages?

On Tuesday, 21 February, we celebrated International Mother Language Day across the school. Mother Language Day recognizes the importance of mother tongues, or home languages, and aims to raise awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity.

To celebrate the day, parents visited classrooms to read aloud to students in different languages. Students across PSES wrote words and phrases on our language “graffiti wall.” The day was an excellent opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to international-mindedness, tolerance, and diversity.


您知道 CISB 的老师和学生们会讲 30 多种不同的语言吗?

2 月 21 日星期二,我们全校庆祝了国际母语日。母语日文化承认母语或家庭语言的重要性,旨在提高对语言和文化多样性的认识。


Grade 5 Studying the unit “Who we are”

We are pleased to share that our Grade 5 PYP students have been studying the latest unit of inquiry, “Who We Are.” This week, the students conducted experiments related to the digestive system, deepening their understanding of the human body.

Through these experiments, students could demonstrate and share the power of learning through the PYP framework. This activity was specifically related to the key concept of the Learner Profile, Knowledgeable, highlighting the importance of acquiring and applying knowledge in our daily lives.


小学五年级的 PYP 学生一直在学习最新的探究单元“我们是谁”。

本周,同学们进行了与消化系统相关的实验,加深了对人体的认识。 通过这些实验,学生可以展示和分享通过 PYP 框架学习的力量。该活动与学习者概况的关键概念“知识渊博”特别相关,强调了在我们日常生活中获取和应用知识的重要性。

We are proud of our Grade 5 students’ curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills, which they demonstrated during this experiment. We look forward to seeing the insights and discoveries they will continue to make as they explore and learn more about “Who We Are.” 

Upcoming Events

March 14th – Pi (π) Day 

March 19th – Alibis (Stage Kittens Rehearsal)  

March 23rd – World Math Day 

March 24th – Alibis (Stage Kittens Performance)



3 月 14 日 – 圆周率 (π) 日

3 月 19 日 – Alibis(StageCats 排练)

3 月 23 日 – 世界数学日

3 月 24 日 – Alibis(StageCats 表演)