Newsletter Middle and High School / 校内一周回顾/初高中部

Welcome Back, Bobcats!

As semester two gets underway this week, it has been a delight to see how excited our Middle/High students are about collaborating to develop individual and collective ideas through practical methods.

This week’s newsletter examines MYP Individuals and Societies and explores MYP Science Experiments. We are also celebrating the U14 volleyball and the U19 basketball teams as they compete fiercely against other schools.

Individuals and Societies 

To better inspire students to comprehend how societies, individuals, and environments interact. Grade 7 I&S students are exploring the different types of landforms found naturally throughout the world, how landforms form patterns develop, and the effect these patterns have on human activity. As an introduction to the unit, students worked to complete a word wall by choosing from a list of naturally occurring landforms and designing a display explaining how it forms naturally. Students were able to infuse their own creativity and artistic ability while demonstrating international-mindedness through the use of multiple languages.




个人和社会(I&S) 课程


Science in the IB DP 

This week, Grade 11 physics students kicked off Term 2 with an exciting lab. First, students blew air through a straw and recorded the ‘noise’ produced on their laptops. They then analyzed the data using the “Audacity” software to pick out particular resonating frequencies. By changing the length of the straw, they collected enough data to determine the speed of sound in the air.


本周,G11 物理课上的学生开始了第 2 学期的激动人心的实验。首先,他们用笔记本电脑通过一根吸管吹气,并记录下产生的“噪音”。然后,使用“Audacity”软件分析数据,挑选出特定的共振频率。通过改变吸管的长度,他们能够收集到足够的数据来确定空气中的声速。

Athletics Updates  / 体育比赛信息

U19 Boys Basketball 

The CISB U19 Boys Basketball got their delayed season off to a fantastic start Wednesday as they defeated Dulwich 44-32. 

The Bobcats came out aggressively on defence with some full-court trapping pressure which caused some trouble for Dulwich. With their constant hustle, Jeff, Tony, and Nick were wreaking havoc on defence. Several turnovers led to easy baskets for CISB. 

The boys were a little nervous, and if not for a few unforced turnovers, the score could have opened up early, but an 11-5 first-quarter advantage was well deserved. 

Dulwich fought back and cut the halftime lead to 22-18 for the Bobcats. But CISB sustained the defensive pressure and rode the hot outside shooting of Ya-Han, who bombed in several three-pointers to safely secure the CISB victory. An excellent start for the Bobcats!


星期三,CISB U19 男篮以 44-32 得分击败德威,为迟来的赛季开启了梦幻般的开局。

Bobcats在防守端积极进攻,全场围攻,这给德威造成了不小的压力。Jeff、Tony 和 Nick 不断地努力攻破防线。几次反转CISB 轻松上篮得分。


德威奋力反击,将半场分值差距缩小到22比18。下半场,CISB顶住防守压力,借由Ya-Han精准的外线投射,接连三分入网,为CISB稳稳锁定胜局。Bobcats 开门红!

U14 Girls Volleyball 

On Tuesday, February 7th, the U14 girls wasted no time establishing dominance over rival BSB, winning 3-0 (25-17, 25-17, 15-10). Outside hitter Amanda Dong led with 15/15 serving and 3 aces. Team captain Phoebe Tam served a perfect 6/6 and had a big solo stuff block from the middle. Middle hitter Lena Orbach chipped in 3 kills. 

On Thursday, February 9th, the Grade 7 team successfully defended the CISB home court, winning 2-0 (25-15, 25-16) in the first official competition for all players. Alina Peng led the way with 8/9 serving and 5/6 serve receive, including 5 perfect passes. Setter Stefani Pan was 5/5 in serve receive and made an impressive save, resulting in a huge point for the Bobcats.

U14 女排

2月7日星期二,U14 女子排球队以 3-0(25-17、25-17、15-10)战胜对手 BSB,迅速确立了领先地位。主攻手 Amanda Dong 以 15/15 的发球率和 3 个 发球得分领先。队长 Phoebe Tam 打出了完美的 6/6,并且在中路有一个完美的个人拦网得分。副攻手 Lena Orbach 完成了3次扣杀。

2月9日星期四,在7年级的比赛中以2-0(25-15、25-16)成功捍卫了CISB主场。Alina Peng以8/9和5/6的接发球领跑,其中包括5次完美传球。二传手 Stefani Pan 的接发球率为 5/5,并做出了令人印象深刻的扑救,为Bobcats带来了巨大的得分。

Grade 6 travelled to BSB and put everyone on notice of what a Bobcat Volleyball dynasty looks like, winning 6-2 (15-3, 17-15, 15-13, 15-12, 15-9, 10-15, 15-10, 4-10). The team was led by the strong serving of Anna Liu, with 23/25 serves and 7 aces, and Angela Wang, with 24/25 serves and 6 aces. Sofia Zownir was a standout at serve receive. The future of Bobcat Volleyball looks bright.

6年级的排球女队做客到BSB,这也让对方了解到BoBcats的排球王国是如何建立起来的。姑娘们以 6-2(15-3、17-15、15-13、15-12、15-9、10-15、15- 10、4-10)的比分取得的比赛的胜利。这支队伍由 Anna Liu领队以 23/25 发球和 7 个发球得分;又由Angela Wang 以24/25 发球和 6 个发球得分的强势一路领先对手。Sofia Zownir 在接发球方面表现出色。Bobcats排球的未来可期。

U14 Boys Volleyball

The U14 Boys Volleyball team travelled to BSB for their first game of the season on Thursday, February 9th.

The boys were nervous because, for most of them, it was their first volleyball game ever. It was a serving battle between CISB and BSB, making it difficult to receive. BSB took the first set 25-11. The boys felt more comfortable in the second set and won 25-23 and the third set 25-22. With some time remaining, it was decided to play a fourth set, where BSB won 25-21. The Bobcat of the Match was Yat Tung. W. 

The boys will have a small invitational tournament at CISB on Saturday, February 11th, against BCIS, YCIS, and Daystar. They will then travel to YCIS on Tuesday, February 14th, and their ISAC tournament will be Saturday, February 18th.

U14 男排

2 月 9 日星期四,U14 男子排球队做客BSB 参加了本赛季的第一场比赛。

由于对于大多数队员而言都是首次参加比赛,大家都会略显紧张,使得首局 CISB和BSB先以发球大战开启, BSB以25-11占上风。队员们在第二局之后表现更为放松,以 25-23 和25-22 获胜。余下的时间,决定进行第四局,BSB 以 25-21 获胜。此次Bobcats的最佳球员是 Yat Tung. W.

队员们将于 2 月 11 日星期六在 CISB 举行小型邀请赛,对手是 BCIS、YCIS 和 启明星。下周二 2 月 14 日将前往耀中,也会参加将于 2 月 18 日星期六举行的 ISAC 锦标赛。

Ski Club Parents Meeting

The first on-campus Ski club parents’ meeting was held this Wednesday in the Lecture Theatre. The logistics and safety of the ski trip were discussed during the meeting.

We are excited to have parents back on campus and see the Bobcats community interacting face to face.