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Capturing Learning Moments in the PYP Newsletter

As an IB World School, our commitment to developing passionate leaders is reflected in this month’s IB learner profile – Inquirer. We are excited to share the learning journeys of our PYP students at CISB.

In this edition, we highlight the diverse learning environment that our teachers have created for the Pre-Kindergarten classes through the outdoor learning space and a fantastic Pi Day celebration involving the entire community. In addition, our Grade 4 and Grade 5 PYP students continued to explore their unit to practice their inquiry and thinking skills.

Inquiry in IB learning 

recognizes students as 

being actively involved

and taking responsibility 

for their learning.

Exploring Nature: Outdoor Learning for Pre-Kindergarten Students  

With spring arriving on campus, it’s the perfect time for our PreK3 students to go outside and inquire about nature. Our students are currently exploring textures in art, and we have incorporated this into their outdoor learning experience. By examining the different textures in nature, our students can enhance their understanding of this concept and incorporate it into their next artwork. Thank you to our teachers for creating such a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn and grow.







Pi Day Celebration  

We are excited to share our recent Pi Day celebration, which took place on March 14th (3/14). This annual celebration is derived from the first three digits of the mathematical constant Pi (π), which is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter and is approximately equal to 3.14159.

Our early years’ teachers created a fun and exciting learning activity for all students to participate in Gym B, including a 5-minute Pi Day Workout, a Pi Scavenger Hunt, making a Pi bracelet, listening to the Happy Pi Day Story by Bonnie Worth, and making a Pi crown.


我们很高兴与您分享我们最近在3月14日(3/14)举行的圆周率日庆祝活动。这个一年一度的庆祝活动源于数学常数π (π)的前三位数字,π是圆的周长与直径的比率,大约等于3.14159。


Grade 2 students created a Pi Skyline Art piece where each “Skyscraper” represents a number. Grade 5 students worked on math challenges during class, starting with simple calculations of Pi and progressing to more complex problem-solving.


Pi Day serves as a reminder to our students that mathematics is an essential subject and a fun and fascinating one. It provides an opportunity for teachers to showcase the practical applications of math in our everyday lives and to help students understand the importance of mathematics in our society. Thank you to our teachers for creating engaging activities and making Pi Day memorable for our students.

PYP Students Dive Deeper into ‘Who We Are’

Last week, our PYP Grade 4 and Grade 5 students delved into the topic of body and health wellness through a range of exciting activities. From taking part in a fitness test to performing in a theatre play and even participating in a tug-of-war, our students had a blast while developing their teamwork skills. 

These activities served as a platform for students to acquire the necessary knowledge and abilities for independent learning and research. Additionally, students used their inquiry and thinking skills to reflect on these experiences. 

The “Who We Are” unit also allowed our students to explore nutritional facts and their connection to the March-Inquirer learner profile. It was a fantastic opportunity for our students to broaden their understanding of this critical topic.






Experience the Magic of Theatre with CISB’s StageKittens Jr. Drama Club

We are excited to invite you to the upcoming Elementary StageKittens Jr. theatre performance on Thursday, March 30th at 5:30 pm. The show promises to be an entertaining and engaging experience for all ages, showcasing the hard work and dedication of our talented students. Don’t miss this chance to support our young actors and actresses!

Register your attendance before March 27th via the QR:

与CISB的StageKittens Jr.戏剧社一起体验戏剧的魔力

我们很高兴地邀请您参加即将于3月30日星期四下午5:30举行的Elementary stagekitten Jr.演出。该节目将为所有年龄段的学生提供有趣和吸引人的体验,展示我们学生的辛勤工作和奉献精神。在演出之前,学生们还将在3月25日(周六)上午10点至下午3点进行全天彩排。不要错过这个支持年轻男女演员的机会!


Upcoming Events

March 23rd – World Math Day

March 23rd – Alibis (StageCats Performance)

March 24th – Alibis (StageCats Performance)

March 27th – School-wide picture

March 29th – Personal Project Exhibition

March 29th – WWW Parent information sessions

March 29th 10:00-11:00 AM – Rock Bottom (StageKittens Jr. Performance for K-2)

March 30th 5:30-6:30 – Rock Bottom (StageKittens Jr. Performance for Parents)


3月23日- 国际数学日

3月23日- Alibis (初高中戏剧社表演)

3月24日- Alibis (初高中戏剧社表演)

3月27日- 全校合照

3月29日- 10年级个人项目展

3月29日- WWW活动家长说明会

3月29日- 10:00-11:00 Rock Bottom (小学戏剧社演出 K-2学生场)

3月30日- 17:30-18:30 Rock Bottom (小学戏剧社演出 家长场 )