CISB high school students recently embarked on an insightful STEMM visit to the Audi China Research and Development company. The excursion offered students an in-depth look at Audi China’s storied history and its foundational ideology. During the visit, they discovered the unique combination of four distinct brands that form the Audi China brand and the origin of the name “Audi.”

This visit provided a historical overview of Audi China and practical insights into the company’s vision for the future of the car market. Audi China employees shared their belief in the growing dominance of e-trons (electronic cars), citing sustainability and the finite nature of gasoline. Audi China representatives explained how this forward-thinking approach is evident in their current focus on enhancing e-tron technology and addressing existing challenges.

Students witnessed firsthand the positive workplace culture at Audi China, where employees demonstrated a harmonious balance between work and fun. This was particularly evident during an intern’s presentation, which highlighted the company’s commitment to equality and opportunity for all employees. The ethos deeply ingrained in Audi China’s culture significantly influenced the CISB students, leading them to admire the company’s principles.

The visit gave CISB students a valuable perspective on the evolving automotive industry and the importance of innovation and sustainability in shaping the future.