Grade 3 classrooms recently transformed Gym B into a vibrant exhibition of ancient worlds. This unique event, titled “An Exhibition of Ancient Civilizations,” marked a milestone in the students’ journey as budding historians, researchers, and skilled writers.

Throughout their exploration of ancient China, Rome, and Egypt, the students used an array of communication and research skills. They utilized text features to read critically for information, organize comprehensive summaries, and master the art of skimming and scanning texts to identify main ideas. Their ability to interpret and paraphrase findings from their research was particularly noteworthy.

Students presented their descriptive reports, which included factual data and a deep understanding of historical contexts. They used evidence to interpret the past, illustrate how societies evolved over time, and explain the lasting impact historical events have on the present and future. The displays highlighted students’ growth as communicators, inquirers, and reflective learners.

Visitors to the exhibition were treated to a fascinating journey through time, where each student’s work illuminated various aspects of ancient societies, from their daily life and culture to their enduring influence.

The Grade 3 students’ exploration of ancient civilizations celebrated their academic achievements and honed their skills as inquisitive investigators.