Prek-4 recently celebrated their diverse talents in a unique showcase themed “How We Express Ourselves.” This vibrant event illustrated CISB’s commitment to developing creativity and multicultural understanding among its young learners.

The showcase centered around the idea that experiences and imagination inspire creativity in performing arts. Students, dressed in zodiac and animal-themed costumes, took to the stage, demonstrating their understanding of these concepts through song, dance, and drama. This program provided a platform for young performers to express their ideas, feelings, and values artistically.

A key highlight was the integration of Chinese performing arts facilitated by Mandarin teachers. This inclusion emphasized the connection with China’s rich cultural heritage and underlined CISB’s dedication to cultural exchange and language diversity. Traditional Chinese songs allowed students to explore and appreciate the host country’s artistic traditions.

The event also highlighted the diverse perspectives of young artists. Each performance, whether a zodiac-inspired dance or an animal-themed play, featured the unique ways children interpret and appreciate the world around them. It reflected CISB’s philosophy of nurturing creativity and critical thinking through arts education.

Students expressed their creativity, embraced cultural diversity, and developed a deeper understanding of the world through the arts. The showcase was a celebration of talent and an affirmation of CISB’s role in shaping well-rounded, globally minded individuals.