CISB takes immense pride in announcing the impressive achievements of its students in several math competitions. Students recently participated in the test, a renowned contest that challenges and develops mathematical skills among young learners. This competition invited elementary and high school students to solve mathematical problems for multiple age groups. The competition, known for its stimulating and thought-provoking questions, provided an ideal stage for CISB students to display their mathematical talents.

We congratulate the following students for their outstanding performance:

· Distinction Winners: Justin, Olivia, Ethan, and Franklin

· Regional Honorable Award: Ethan, Franklin, and Zhang

International Maths Challenge (IMC)

In the International Maths Challenge (IMC), a competition with worldwide participation, CISB students performed very well. It is worth noting that the IMC upholds a global standard by challenging students on various mathematical topics. It encourages critical thinking and the practical application of math concepts. CISB students performed admirably in multiple categories:

· Grade 2: Ashley (Elitist)

· Grade 4: Justin (Champion), Franklin (Elitist), and Joshua (Elitist)

· Grade 6: Angus (Elitist)

· Grade 7: Jeffrey (Elitist)

· Grade 8: Eason (Elitist), Daniel (Elitist)

· Grade 9: Yunqi (Elitist)

· Grade 10: Ji Hong (Elitist)

The students in the Top 5% ranking in Round 3 became champions; they earned the prestigious title of International Maths Challenge Champion relative to other candidates in their grade. Students in the Top 20% are considered Elitists.

Noetic Learning Math Contest

CISB also participated in the Noetic Learning Math Contest, a national elementary and middle school competition. This contest aimed to spark interest in math and enhance problem-solving skills. CISB students showed exceptional logical reasoning and creative thinking, achieving commendable results:

· Grade 2: Abdulaziz (Team Winner), Honorable Mention to Iris

· Grade 3: Matthew (Team Winner), Honorable Mentions to Maggie, Elizabeth, and Suye

· Grade 4: Justin (Team Winner), Honorable Mentions to Franklin and Ryan

· Grade 5: Alan (Team Winner) and Damon (Team Winner)

Team Winner: Highest scorer in each team. National Honorable: The top 50% of all participants in each grade.

Additional Achievements 

A group of Grade 5 students also participated in the Canadian Jay Mathematical Competition, adding to the accolades of CISB’s math enthusiasts.

These math competitions provided invaluable experiences for CISB students, enhancing their mathematical skills and contributing significantly to their academic and personal growth. The school community congratulates all participants and looks forward to their future success.