MYP Design students across various grades have explored unique and innovative projects that embrace the essence of learning through collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

Grade 6: Pioneering ‘Digital Citizenship’

In the sixth grade, students immersed themselves in the “Digital Citizenship” unit. Tasked with creating videos that convey stories related to digital citizenship, the students engaged in brainstorming sessions, meticulously crafting storyboards, and collaboratively discussing design ideas to bring their visions to life. This hands-on approach enhanced their understanding of digital citizenship and developed their storytelling and video production skills.

Grade 7: Thinking ‘Out of the Box’

Seventh graders jumped into the “Out of the Box” design unit, where they studied the design process, from conceptualization to execution, utilizing SketchUp software. The students worked in teams, exchanging ideas and feedback. This project emphasized the importance of teamwork and the exchange of creative solutions in the design thinking process.

Grade 8: Designing for the Youngest Users

The eighth-grade class took a hands-on approach by visiting the kindergarten classes to research and design a “KG Toy Car.” Engaging directly with the children, they observed and interacted with their younger peers, gaining insights into their preferences and behaviors. The students conducted research with real-world applications, creating toys that were capitvating and suitable for specific age groups. This process highlighted their ability to understand and cater to the distinct needs of their target audience.

Grade 9: Branding Through Design

Ninth-grade students created a corporate clock for a chosen brand in the “The Brand” unit. This project required students to learn and apply skills in AutoCAD and AI, demonstrating the integration of technology in design. The students used a laser cutter to fashion the clocks out of acrylic. Each design blended aesthetics with brand identity in a tangible product.

Grade 10: Innovating Educational Toys

Tenth graders participated in the “Educational Toys” by first engaging with Grade 1 students to understand their needs and preferences. This direct interaction allowed for a tailored design process to create toys that were fun and had an educational purpose. The design, feedback, and refinement method highlighted the importance of user-centered design and thoughtful innovation.
These projects across grades at CISB reflect the school’s commitment to innovation and collaboration. Through these diverse learning experiences, CISB students developed critical life skills that prepare them for the future.

CISB MYP Design Team

Dr. Sajid Khursheed (Head of Design)

Mr. Daniel Boudreau (Teacher)

Ms. Carol Wang (Teacher)

Mr. Nick Ma (Lab. Assistant)