On March 14th, CISB celebrated Pi Day and International Maths Day. The celebration emphasized the fundamental importance of mathematics within the STEAM framework for students from Montessori Preschool to Grade 12. This day was marked by a series of activities blending mathematics with creativity. 

The festivities included hands-on projects like the Pi Day Dreamcatcher Craft, where students crafted dreamcatchers with strands representing Pi’s digits, and the Pi Day City Skyline Art, where city skylines were drawn with building heights corresponding to the sequence of Pi. Other activities featured were Pi Day Activity Paper Chains, creating visual representations of Pi; Math Snakes and Ladders Challenge, a game enhancing math skills through play; Pi Day Color by Number, combining art with number sequences; and the Pi Day Bracelet Craft, allowing students to create jewelry reflecting Pi’s digits. 

These diverse activities honored the mathematical constant π and its significance and demonstrated the power of integrating mathematics with arts and creativity. By engaging in these projects, CISB students explored mathematical concepts in innovative ways, reinforcing the STEAM education’s interdisciplinary approach and making learning both enjoyable and meaningful.