David Picazo, a prominent architect, recently led a workshop at CISB, offering students an engaging introduction to the vibrant field of architecture. This event provided opportunities for hands-on learning experiences, bridging the gap between academic study and practical, real-world applications. 

During the workshop, students learned about the foundations of architecture and building, guided by Picazo’s expert insights and creative flair. He presented complex architectural principles in an accessible and engaging manner. Students participated in hands-on activities that enabled them to bridge theoretical knowledge with practical application.

The essence of the workshop was to demystify the architectural design process, by connecting students with a professional who designs and constructs spaces that shape our world. Through the interactive sessions, students explored the creative ideas that underpin the construction of buildings and structures, gaining an appreciation for the art and science of architecture. This approach allowed students to see beyond the walls of their classrooms, understanding how they can apply concepts learned in school to real-world scenarios.

By participating in this workshop, students gained insights into the architectural profession, witnessed how academic concepts are used in professional practice, and envisioned the possibilities that lie ahead. The workshop aligned with CISB’s mission to nurture innovative, informed, and involved learners equipped to lead in a changing world.