On Wednesday, CISB embraced the spirit of kindness and solidarity by celebrating Pink Shirt Day, a global movement against bullying. In a colorful display of unity, students, faculty, and staff wore pink shirts, symbolizing their collective stand against bullying and their commitment to developing a safe, respectful, and inclusive school environment. Pink Shirt Day, originating from Canada, has become a symbolic event worldwide, promoting the idea that no one should be bullied, harassed, or made to feel inferior. CISB, with its diverse community of students from over 50 countries, champions values of respect, empathy, and understanding. Throughout the day, activities were organized, focusing on topics such as kindness, the importance of speaking out against bullying, and ways to support peers. Students participated in discussions, shared personal experiences, and learned about the impact of bullying on individuals and communities. These activities reinforced the message that everyone has a role to play in combating bullying and ensuring that CISB remains a place where diversity is celebrated, and every student can thrive without fear.