Pre-K 4 Field Trip to Chaoyang Park

Pre-K4 visited Chaoyang Park this week as part of the “Sharing the Planet” unit, focusing on environmental awareness, particularly of plants. Students explored various park areas, engaging their senses to absorb their surroundings fully. Vibrant plants and blooming flowers inspired a painting activity, where students expressed what they found enjoyable or exciting. Favorable weather also allowed for a delightful session of bubble play, adding extra joy to a memorable day.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

This week, CISB hosted its bi-annual Parent-Teacher Conferences, a crucial component of our dedication to forging strong partnerships between parents, students, and educators. These conferences provided an essential platform for in-depth discussions on each student’s academic progress and future aspirations.

The Parent-Teacher Conferences play a key role in enhancing the collaborative educational environment at CISB, significantly benefiting our students’ learning experiences.

CISB Book Fair: A Celebration of Reading

CISB hosted a Book Fair this week, welcoming students, teachers, and parents to explore the latest trending releases. With various books suitable for all grade levels, the event was a vibrant hub for readers to add exciting new titles to their collections. CISB will use some of the proceeds from the Book Fair to enrich our library’s collection, ensuring our students have access to an even more comprehensive array of reading materials.

U19 Boys and Girls Soccer Teams Head to Shanghai for ACAMIS Tournament

This Thursday, our U19 Boys and U19 Girls Soccer Teams will travel to Shanghai to compete in the ACAMIS tournament. They are ready to demonstrate their skills and showcase Bobcat strength in this exciting event. The teams will participate in five qualification rounds, which are essential for advancing to the semi-finals and taking the first step towards the championship.

CISB Bobcats Badminton Team Competes in ACAMIS Tournament in Nanjing

The CISB Bobcats Badminton team has departed for Nanjing to participate in the ACAMIS Badminton Tournament, held from April 18-20. A total of 27 ACAMIS school teams are competing in this event. The CISB team is playing in three different divisions.

Upcoming Events

  • April 22-26: Book Week
  • April 25: Literacy Night – 4:30 pm – 5:45 pm
  • April 26: Cultural/Traditional dress
  • April 26: Frist Day of G12 Exams
  • April 26: Visit from Canadian Zoologist and Film Screening