On April 22, Grade 5 students gathered in the auditorium, eager to meet Helen Boyle, the founder and director of the Migrant Children’s Foundation. Since moving to Beijing in 2008, Helen has committed to enhancing the educational opportunities and well-being of migrant children in the city. Her organization’s efforts have significantly impacted many, offering academic support, health check-ups, and more.

This visit was integral to the students’ Exhibition project, which promotes making a difference and taking action in our local community. Helen shared compelling stories from her work, particularly about her initial visit to a migrant school in Beijing. Despite limited resources, she found the children’s eagerness to learn and interact particularly striking. This experience inspired her to extend her sabbatical and ultimately resign from her UK job to support these children full-time. 

Helen Boyle’s visit was a catalyst for our students’ deeper understanding of the challenges faced by migrant children and the tangible impacts of empathy and community involvement. Her dedication and commitment to these children encouraged CISB students to explore how they can contribute to making a difference in the lives of others.

As Helen Boyle’s visit has shown, the power of education and community service can effect meaningful change. This event is a precursor to the upcoming exhibition, a significant educational highlight at CISB, where students will showcase their understanding of and initiatives to address community issues.

Looking ahead, the exhibition promises to be a transformative event, delving deeper into the themes of community engagement and student-driven action. Helen Boyle’s visit has undoubtedly enriched the discussion, setting the stage for what is sure to be an inspiring showcase of student projects that reflect their understanding and initiatives in addressing community issues.