On March 26, 2024, students from the Middle and High School sections visited Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) in Beijing. The visit focused on educating students about advancements in storage and artificial intelligence (AI). The students observed the diverse applications of HPE technology, including its role in enhancing connectivity in various sectors and its contributions to space exploration.

During the visit, Mr. Michel Zu, a senior engineer at HPE, provided insights into the development of the world’s fastest computer, which operates at a speed of 1.12 quintillion calculations per second.

The students engaged in practical exercises, assembling server parts and integrating them into an Aruba network, facilitating a deeper understanding of the integration between hardware and software solutions. These activities were designed to align with the students’ classroom learning, providing a practical perspective on technology’s role in the broader world.

Additionally, interactive sessions, including talks, quizzes, and “truth or dare” games with HPE employees, offered a comprehensive overview of the technology sector and HPE’s culture of innovation. These experiences underscored the importance of collaboration in technological advancement and prompted students to consider potential careers in STEM fields. The visit provided CISB students with valuable insights into the networking and technology industries.