On March 27, 2024 our Grade 10 students presented their Personal Project products, trifolds, and reports to our CISB community, which included students, staff, and parents. We were delighted to see products that not only reflected their hard work and skills but their creativity and innovation. From magnificent artworks and photography displays to documentary films and architectural projects, our Grade 10 students went beyond expectations, setting a high standard for what a student finishing the MYP can create.

The Personal Project has two main objectives: achieving a learning goal and creating a tangible learning product. This independent endeavor spans from the start of the school year until December when students are expected to complete their personal learning product. As they develop their product, students simultaneously begin writing their report, the primary component for evaluation. This report is assessed based on three criteria: A) Planning, B) Applying Skills, and C) Reflecting.

The students used their ATL skills, such as research, time management, and communication, to create the product and the report.

Congratulations Grade 10. You have done yourselves proud.

Paul Steffan

Mr. Paul Steffan is CISB’s Personal Project Coordinator and MYP Coordinator

He and the supervising teachers provided the support and overarching instruction our students needed to achieve such incredible results.

Thank you to all our students and staff for their hard work!