Last week, CISB celebrated UNESCO Arts Week with the theme “Arts Bringing Us Closer Together.” This event, part of CISB’s STEAM initiative, ran from May 20-24, featuring activities that emphasized the arts’ role in education and community building. The week highlighted how integrating arts with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics enhances creativity and problem-solving skills.

The week began with a grand MSHS assembly featuring speeches and performances on the importance of arts in education. Activities included the ‘Express Yourself’ mural, a collaborative effort where students from PreK to MSHS added their creative contributions. This mural, a symbol of our school’s spirit and diverse talents, was a true reflection of unity and teamwork.

Students engaged in various activities throughout the week, such as T-shirt design and visual arts exhibitions. Younger students explored musical instruments and storytelling, while older students displayed their artistic skills in an art exhibit along the school’s hallways. These activities reinforced the importance of creativity in STEAM education.

The celebrations culminated in a vibrant Arts Night on Thursday, an event that brought the entire community together. It featured performances, including music, dance, and cultural presentations, by students of all ages.

The art exhibits will remain on display for an extra week to allow continued appreciation and reflection of the significance of the arts in education.