CISB recently welcomed the celebrated author and illustrator Emily Gravett for an enriching day of creativity and learning. Emily Gravett, known for her award-winning children’s books, engaged with students through interactive activities.

During her visit, Emily captivated the students with readings from her popular books, sharing the stories and illustrations that have made her a beloved figure in children’s literature. She led the students in creative writing and drawing sessions, providing hands-on guidance and encouraging them to explore their imaginations.

The day’s activities included:

  • Reading Sessions: Emily read excerpts from her books, sparking curiosity and excitement among the students.
  • Creative Workshops: Students participated in writing and drawing workshops, during which Emily shared techniques and tips from her own creative process.
  • Interactive Discussions: Emily engaged with students in lively discussions, answering their questions about being an author and illustrator and offering insights into children’s literature.

Emily’s visit provided CISB students with a unique opportunity to learn directly from a successful author and illustrator. Her interactive approach and enthusiasm for storytelling left a lasting impression, inspiring students to pursue their creative interests