CISB MYP student Rita not only scored high marks for her recent music assignment, but also showed an artistic flair that bodes well for her future creativity beyond the classroom. For a recent online learning assignment, she and her classmates were tasked with identifying sounds in an animated short film, and then creating their own sound effects before editing them into the clip. 

See how Rita describes her process below, and after that watch the video with her high quality sound effects.  

My personal online learning experience has definitely taught me how to be more assiduous and take responsibility for my own learning. I’ve been challenged in so many areas with all my different subjects, and one of those challenges was in Music. In one specific assignment called “Music in Movies”, my teacher Ms. O’Hare instructed us to create our own soundtrack, that paced along well with a specific short film. 

Although I had zero experience in making music myself, let alone digitally, I knew that this assignment was meant to challenge my abilities to work harder and expand my creative knowledge. As students, we were given the option to take sound effects off iMovie to create our soundtrack, but I didn’t just want to take sounds that were already made. Although it might have been easier, I did not want to let the opportunity of creating my own soundtrack slide. 

There were so many different areas in the movie clip which allowed me to create my own sound effect, but with barely any materials, I decided to work with what I had at home. In one specific scene where the bird threw a stick out of his nest, I remember spending quite a long time trying to figure out how to make that sound, and what to use. Since I couldn’t go outside to find a stick, I used a pair of chopsticks, and threw them on the ground! Now, that’s what I would call adapting. 

Also, to imitate the old grandma snoring in the movie clip, I decided to snore into my microphone, and play the character of the grandma. It was hilarious filming those scenes, especially when my sister would walk in on me snoring into my laptop mic. However, I did what I had to do to make my final product the best it could be. 

Throughout these weeks of online learning, I’ve learnt to be flexible with my learning, and adapt to new situations, tasks, and as a student, assure that my assignments are done to the best of my abilities. 


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