Weekly News Middle/ High School 校内一周回顾/初高中部

This week we are excited to share what is happening in the Middle/High School (MYP and DP) learning environment. At CISB, we meet students’ academic and social-emotional needs by challenging and supporting them at their developmental level.

Women Empowerment Forum

AKD Executive Director Mr. Truong, Head of School Mr. Prescott, Ms. Rabord and Grade 11 students Nika, Anabel and Jasmine attended the Women Empowerment Forum. Mr. Truong as a Guest speaker, highlighted that inclusive leaders are essential to business success and social impact. The Women Empowerment Forum focused on how to apply Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.



我校执行董事协同我校11年级学生一同参加 女性赋权论坛,并作为演讲嘉宾讲到包容的领导者对于企业成功和社会影响的重要性以及在我校是如何应用 多元,平等,包容:灯光,相机,行动!

MYP Learner Profile Thinking and Communication

This week in MYP grade 6 English Language and Literature class, students experienced imagery in real-life situations by viewing several locations around the school campus. Exposure to a stimulus outside of the classroom allows them to use a wider variety of sensory imagery in their writing and increases their awareness of the connections between their studies and the physical world around them.



MYP Students Start Their Person Project Journey MYP的学生开启个人项目之旅

Students in Grade 10 have initiated their Personal Project journey. The Personal Project is the culmination of the MYP. Students inquire into an area that they have a great interest in and develop a learning goal and a learning product. As a part of their learning journey, students create action plans and specifications for their project, create a product, and reflect upon the process and its outcome.

One period each Wednesday, Grade 10 will engage with Personal Project lessons after setting their goals in week one; students this week are learning how to create an action plan and success criterion. In the coming weeks, they will meet with their Personal Project supervisor for their first official meeting.

Engaging Parents and Guardians!

On Thursday, Mr. Steffan, the MYP Coordinator, introduced the Personal Project to our Grade 10 parents/guardians. He shared the aims, objectives and timeline for parents to understand the Personal Project as a core element of the MYP. The Personal Project is mandatory to complete for promotion to Grade 11. In addition, Mr. Steffan explained how students follow a passion they have to complete a learning goal and learning product. He also emphasized how the school and the IB assesses students internally and externally.

CISB wants to ensure our parents/guardians understand the best way to support their children through this learning journey.



Engaging Parents and Guardians!

周四,MYP的协调员Mr. Steffan,向10年级的家长/监护人介绍了个人项目。他分享了课程的目的,目标和时间轴,以便家长们能够理解MYP的核心课程—个人项目。个人项目是作为升入G11的必选项目。此外,Mr. Steffan讲述了如何使学生们跟随他们的内心,必须去完成学习目标并达到成果。他还强调了学校内部和国际文凭组织如何评估学生。


Athletic Team Season Begins! 校队赛季开始!


CISB Bobcats boys and girls volleyball teams are back stronger than ever. Both our boys’ and girls’ teams kicked off the season with two exciting matches against DSP, Keystone, THIS and ISB.

U19 Boys

September 14th, CISB hosted DSP and fell short 3 sets to 1. Bobcat of the match: Ewan M.
September 19th, CISB hosted Keystone and won 3 sets to 1. 25-21, 25-18, 27-29, 25-17. Bobcat of the match: Samuel T.

U19 Girls

September 16th CISB v ISB. CISB lost 3 sets to 1
Septembe 19th, CISB hosted Keystone and won 3 sets to 1
September 21st, CISB hosted THIS and lost 1-3
Bobcats of the matches: G9 Jessica .L , G12 Linda.L and G12 Kayla .W

U14 Girls Football Kicked Off the Football Season!

This week we hosted a home game with YCIS. YCIS started the game strong with the 1st goal of the game. However, the Bobcats did not let their heads drop. Striking back to make the score 1-1 less than five minutes after the restart. CISB continued to work hard, pushing for the lead. YCIS fought back to level the scoring again. With fresh new players on the pitch, YCIS took advantage of their speed to score two quick goals. Resulting in a 5-3 lost.

Great performance from all the girls. Next step up, a tournament on Saturday.

Bobcat of the of the game: Sophia C


9月14日, CISB主场3:1战胜DSP
Ewan M 本场表现最佳球员
9月19日,CISB主场3:1战胜鼎石,比分为25-21, 25-18, 27-29, 25-17.
Samuel T 本场表现最佳球员
9月16日, CISB客场3:1战败ISB

9月21日, CISB主场1:3战败清华附中国际部
本场表现最佳球员:G9 Jessica .L , G12 Linda.L and Kayla .W

U14 的女子足球赛季拉开帷幕!

本周,作为主场邀请YCIS参赛。YCIS以比赛中的第一个进球强势开局。然而,CISB的Bobcats并未气馁,强力追击,在开场5分钟之后反击成功,将比分改写为1:1。接下来的比赛中,CISB奋力攻球,争取领先。YCIS奋起反击,再次将比分扳平。随着新球员上场,YCIS加速快进两球。最终比赛以5-3 落败。



9th Peace Garden Festival 9th 和平节

CISB attends the Peace Garden Peace Festival for the 9th year and the 4th Global Youth Photography Exhibition.


Upcoming Events


23rd U19 Volleyball CISB v BCIS
24th U14 Soccer ISAC Exchanges
27th U14 Soccer @ BCIS
28th U19 Volleyball @ WAB
29th & 30th – Professional Development IB Training


3rd -7th Golden Week holiday (no school)
12th Grade 12 Graduation Pictures
15th ISAC Cross Country Invitational



9月23日 U19 排球 CISB v BCIS
9月24日 U14 足球 ISAC 友谊赛
9月27日 U14 足球@ BCIS
9月28日 U19 排球 @ WAB


10月12日 12年级毕业照
10月12日 越野赛