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An IB education fosters diversity, curiosity and a healthy appetite for learning. This week we reflect on the success of the exploration of IB Learner Profile risk-takers. We also introduce October’s IB Learner Profile trait; Caring and how we engage students with

the Learner Profile trait in the Pre-School and Elementary (PYP) learning environment.

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Risk-Taker Awards (Certificates of Courage)

Teachers have done an amazing job encouraging students to tell their stories of being risk-takers and teaching students to embody courage with their classmates. At the end of month students were awarded a Certificate of Courage to take home as a reminder of being a RISK- TAKER.

IB教育理念以培养学生多样性、好奇心和积极的学习态度为主,本周我们不仅回顾了九月的探索 IB Learner Profile 冒险者的成功,还主要介绍十月的 IB Learner Profile 特征;关怀以及我们如何在幼儿园和小学 (PYP) 学习环境中让学生具备学习得概况特征。

敢于冒险 (勇敢嘉奖)


Ms. Nomzi’s reflected on how her Kindergarten class had learnt that to be courageous is to be a risk-taker and try new things.

“One of our school-wide goals is to develop lifelong learners, with the hope that students develop this Learner Profile in their learning and their approach to life. In our classroom, we encourage students to be open to making mistakes in their learning, to be ready to try new things and to gain resilience. Each child is able to connect this Learner Profile to his or her personal experiences.”



October’s IB Learner Profile trait!

This month students will explore the trait caring! It is important that every member of the CISB community strives to demonstrate the Learner Profile attributes in their daily lives.

Caring for International friends in Grade 5!

This week in Mr. Bartlett ‘s class, students were making connections and building friendships with a class in Winnipeg, Canada. Students replied to letters that were written to them individually. Students were open-minded and excited to write letters and get to know their penpals.

十月的 IB 学习者档案特征!



本周在 Mr. Bartlett 的课堂上,学生们正在与加拿大温尼伯的一个班级通过书写书信建立友谊。学生们积极回复了她/他们收到的信件,学生们开拓思维,并迫不及待的对回信和结识笔友感到兴奋。

They also discussed the importance of being caring and taking care of their mind to stay healthy. Students designed a positive affirmation t-shirt to promote positive thinking and advertise World Mental Health Day.

Learning to be a caring IB student doesn’t stop in the classroom. Physical education is taught through the IB Personal, Social and Physical Education (PSPE) in the elementary at CISB. This week Grade 5 undertook an activity where the students where blindfolded and had to complete a series of physical tasks using excellent communication skills in order to be successful. This unit is about developing their social and communication skills as well as learning to treat their classmates with compassion and respect.

学生们还讨论了关心和照顾自己的思想的重要性以及如何保持心理健康, 因此,学生们设计了一件具有积极肯定意义的T恤,促进积极思考和宣传世界精神卫生日。

学习成为一个关爱的 IB 学生不仅停留在课堂上,在小学的体育课堂上,以 IB课程的 个人、社会和体育教育为主,学生们进行了一项活动,当学生们被蒙住眼睛,必须使用出色的沟通技巧完成一系列体力任务才能获得成功。这样的课堂是为了更好地发展学生的社交和沟通技巧,以及学会同情和尊重对待周围的的同学。

What is caring? 什么是关怀?

They golden rule of caring is: “treat others how you want to be treated”.

Caring is showing and giving respect for yourself and others. Students who are caring want people around them to be happy and are sensitive to their needs. They think about the world and work to take care of their community and the environment.

Empathy, compassion, and respect are the main concepts of developing this profile.

Empathy is the ability of understanding and caring about what other people are feeling. It is about putting yourself in their position so you can feel the same way as them. If another kid’s balloon blows away, you may empathize with him because you can understand his feeling of sadness. Our students can show empathy to others by listen actively, and recognize and accept other people’s feelings.

Compassion promotes meaningful connections, facilitates problem-solving, and improves health and wellbeing. Compassion, at its core, is about putting aside judgment and refusing to turn away from challenging situations.

Respect is a moral value that is the basis of a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life. It is a two-way process that means a person will earn respect when he/she respects others.


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