Weekly News Preschool & Middle and High School 校内一周回顾/初高中部

This week Middle/High School students and staff to shared a rich experience of collaborative and experiential learning inside and outside the classrooms at CISB. Grade 6 MYP Parents as Partners, Math Competition, and intense athletic competitions took place. Middle and High School students at CISB have opportunities to work together to build on individual and collective ideas through hands-on approaches where students learn by doing.

Grade 6 MYP Parents as Partners

On Wednesday, October 19th there was an introductory Middle Years Program (MYP) presentation to our Grade 6 parents. Hosted by Mr. Flynn Boyle (Vice-Principal of Middle and High School), Mr. Paul Steffan (MYP Coordinator), and Mr. Chioke Fuller (Grade 6 Grade Level Leader) some of the topics covered were the curriculum framework, conceptual learning, scheduling, assessments, the advisory program, and the service component amongst other aspects.

The goal is to allow our parents to understand the progression of the MYP from the Primary Years Program (PYP) all the way to the Diploma Program (DP). The most important point is that the student is in the middle of the program as they develop the skills, the knowledge, and the understanding so that they become not only academically strong, but balanced and caring young people trying to make the world a better place now and into the future.



10月19日周三,我校举办了针对6年级家长的MYP课程的家长会。此次会议是由Flynn Boyle 先生 (初高中副校长),Paul Steffan先生 (MYP协调员),Chioke Fuller 先生(6年级的年级组长)主持,他们同家长们分享了MYP课程的框架,概念性学习,课程安排,作业安排,导师体系及社会服务等方面的内容。


Caribou Math Competition

Every year, students at CISB have been very eager to take part in the variety of Math Competitions that occur throughout the school year. CISB has seen individuals and teams place in the top ten worldwide on numerous occasions.

On Wednesday, October 19th, MSHS students from Grades 6-12 took part in the first of six Caribou Math Competitions. This had students solving some challenging problems based on their grade levels and some mathematical games. Results will be forthcoming and shared in the near future. The second competition will be November 16th, 2022.

Stay tuned!

Caribou 数学竞赛



Art and Crafts Club / 手工艺坊

This week we saw an ASA crossover class, where students from PYP and MYP, had the chance to collaborate making stickers with Ms. Norman and Mr. Yhap in Art in the Crafts Club!

Athletics Updates

U19 Volleyball Girls Team

On Wednesday October 12th, the CISB varsity volleyball team picked up a tough win on the road at YCIS defeating the Scorpions 3-2. The Bobcats were led by senior outside hitter Emily Woodburn, who served a perfect 14 for 14 with 6 aces and dominated at the net hitting 8 for 10 with four kills. Freshman outside hitter Jessica Li attacked the ball 13 for 13 with two kills and one stuff block. Senior Rita Gao served 19/20 for the game with 2 aces.

The Bobcats came up short against a strong serving BIBA team, dropping 3 straight sets. Freshman setter Nanako Mayuzumi led the Bobcats with some inspirational plays including 6 assists. She also served 11 for 12 with 3 aces. Senior middle hitter Keomie Francis chipped in 2 kills and served a perfect 5/5.

The junior varsity girls defeated BIBA 3-2 in their first game back from the Golden Week holiday. Amanda Dong led the Bobcats serving 20 for 24 with 6 aces, along with outstanding serve reception and one kill. Sophomore Emily See and freshman Cindy Yang served perfect games, with 10 and 11 serves respectively.



U19 女子排球

上周三10月12日,CISB最终以3比2的比分艰难拿下同YCIS的比赛。CISB由主力主攻手Emily Woodburn带队,她在这场比赛中14发14中并有6次直接发球得分。网前10次击球,8次成功,4次直接扣杀得分。新人主攻手Jessica Li 获得13次发球成功,拿下2次扣杀得分及一次拦网得分。主力队员Rita Gao全场19次发球成功并有2次发球直接得分。

Bobcats在面对强大对手BIBA队时暴露出了自身的不足,接连输掉了3局比赛。球队新人Nanako Nayuzumi 以6次助攻打出了鼓舞全队的表现。同时还包括12发11中及3次发球得分。主力副攻手Keomie Francis2次扣杀得分,以及5次成功发球。

青年队在黄金周假期回来的第一场比赛中以3比2击败了BIBA队。Amanda Dong以24发20中,6次发球得分,出色的接发球及1次扣杀,带领Bobcats完成了比赛。Emily See及Cindy Yang在比赛中同样发挥出色,分别发球10次及11次。

U19 Volleyball Boys Team

On Wednesday, October 12th , the boys traveled to YCIS where they won 3 sets to 0. The scores of the sets were 25-20, 25-10, 25-22. Bobcat of the match was Ren G.

On Friday, October 14th, the boys hosted a tough competition against BIBA and won 3 sets to 0. The scores of the sets were 25-23, 25-13, 25-21. Bobcat of the match was Andy R.

On Monday, October 17th, the boys traveled to Daystar Academy. After losing the first two sets 23-25 and 25-27, the Bobcats fought back and won the next three sets; 25-17, 27-25, and 15-10 to take the win. Bobcat of the match was Jeff L.

U19 男子排球

10月12日周三,排球男队做客YCIS并以总比分3:0击败了对手。比分别为25比20, 25比10及25比22。本场最佳球员为Ren G.

10月14日周五,排球男队在主场艰难击败了强进对手BIBA队,以总比分3比0的分数赢得比赛。比分为25比23,25比13及25比21. 本场最佳球员为 Andy R.

10月17日周一,排球男队做客Daystar Academy. 在连输两局(23比25, 25比27)的情况下,Bobcats奋勇作战并以3局连胜获得了比赛最终的胜利。比分为25比17, 27比25, 15比10。本场最佳球员为 Jeff L.

U12 & U14 Soccer Teams

This season has been full of experiences, wins, and losses, but most of all, having a lot of fun. Students from different grades began the season unknowing what waited ahead of them. Practices were a space to learn about the game, collaborate, support, and believe in the team.

Last week the team played its first home game. Losing 3-2 to THIS. They had a fantastic experience playing in front of peers and staff members.

In a few weeks, the most important challenge waits ahead of us when we play our next game. The team is ready to overcome the obstacles and return, knowing they did their best and are now better players than before.





U14 Soccer Girls Team

Two wins in two games have helped the girl’s football team to the perfect start after the holidays.

CISB v Tsinghua

The Bobcats managed their first home win. The defense played well to keep the team’s first clean sheet of the season. With one goal in each half, the game ended 2:0 to CISB.


This was a chance for the girls to test how far they have come. CISB previously lost 5:3 to YCIS earlier in the season. CISB started the game strongly and took a 2 goal lead. YCIS then managed to score 2 goals before CISB came back again with 2 goals to win the game 4:2.

CISB heads into the ISAC Championship Tournament on, October 29th with two wins under their belt.




CISB v Tsinghua






Upcoming Events

October 26th – TOK Exhibition

October 28th – Student Council Halloween Social

October 31st – Halloween – dress down day


10月26日 – TOK展览

10月28日 – 初高中部万圣节活动

10月31日 – 全校万圣节活动