Last week, the Primary Years Programme (PYP) teachers at CISB engaged in comprehensive workshops to refine their teaching strategies and bolster student achievement. These sessions explored two pivotal areas: the power of feedback to foster self-reflection and a growth mindset among students and the significance of ensuring a cohesive English language curriculum across the PYP and MYP. By discussing feedback’s critical role and the strategies for curriculum enhancement, teachers were able to create a more integrated and impactful learning framework for students. The initial workshop was intended to help teachers dissect and understand the nuanced role of feedback in growth and achievement. Educators engaged in discussions on how feedback, when skillfully implemented, is a critical tool for prompting self-reflection, fostering resilience, and promoting a growth mindset among students. In a subsequent workshop, CISB PYP teachers worked on enhancing the continuity of the English language curriculum between the PYP and MYP. Their goal was to create a smooth educational journey for students. Educators closely examined and refined the curriculum, addressing any gaps. This collaborative effort ensured a seamless transition between grades for students. During the process, teachers developed more culturally diverse teaching materials that reflect the varied backgrounds of our student body. The workshop’s emphasis on curriculum alignment will help to create a streamlined learning experience for students. These workshops at CISB highlight our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. By focusing on dynamic feedback strategies and a coherent curriculum, CISB equips its educators to propel students toward their fullest potential, nurturing their academic abilities, global citizenship, and lifelong learning skills.