Empowering Students for Success: A Journey Through Social-Emotional Learning

At CISB, integrating Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) with the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum is a cornerstone of our educational philosophy. While the term “SEL” may not be commonly used in everyday conversation, the impact of this approach is palpable throughout the school, guiding students toward academic excellence, personal growth, and resilience.

A critical component of this transformative journey is the daily Advisory program, which facilitates regular SEL check-ins with students. Moreover, the extended Advisory sessions on Wednesday afternoons stand as a unique feature, allowing students to delve deeper into SEL topics and apply them to their personal lives and learning trajectories.

Leading the charge in this program are the Vice Principal of the Middle School/High School, Mr. Flynn Boyle, and the counselor at CISB, Ms. Saima Hina.
Mr. Flynn Boyle

Mr. Flynn Boyle

MH Vice-Principal

A fervent advocate for SEL, Mr. Boyle recognizes that understanding oneself is a stepping stone to success. Under his guidance, students undertake a journey of self-exploration, identifying their strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations through reflective exercises and personalized goal-setting. He observes that when students are attuned to their emotions and motivations, they become more focused and determined in their academic pursuits.

Ms. Saima Hina

Ms. Saima Hina

School Counsellor

Ms. Hina has significantly shaped the Advisory program, enhancing its focus on SEL topics. As a published author on the significance of counseling and its role in fostering SEL, she has been instrumental in establishing a culture of empathy and understanding at CISB. Her articles are valuable resources, offering insights and advice on nurturing emotionally intelligent students.

Building a Robust Advisory Program: A Closer Look


Ms. Hina emphasizes that understanding oneself is the initial step towards achieving success. Students at CISB are encouraged to delve deeper into their attributes and aspirations through reflective exercises and personalized goal setting, fostering a sense of focus and determination in their academic pursuits.


Mr. Boyle underscores the importance of self-regulation, stating, “In the demanding world of IB, students need tools to manage stress and maintain equilibrium.” CISB’s approach includes time management workshops, stress-relief strategies, and mindfulness exercises, all valuable for academic success and life beyond the classroom.

Social Awareness

Ms. Hina notes that understanding and appreciating diversity is a core value at CISB. The school encourages students to embrace various perspectives and cultures, which aligns perfectly with the global outlook fostered by the IB curriculum. She adds that empathy is a potent tool for building bridges within the classroom and the wider world.

Relationship Skills

Highlighting the importance of teamwork and effective communication, Mr. Boyle emphasizes, “The IB program often entails collaborative projects. Teaching students proficient communication and conflict resolution skills ensures these collaborations are both productive and enjoyable.” These skills are essential, forming the foundation for future professional success.

Responsible Decision-Making

Ms. Hina observes that the emphasis on ethics within the IB curriculum aligns seamlessly with responsible decision-making. She states that students at CISB learn to make decisions that consider their impact on the community and the world, equipping them for academic evaluations and a lifetime of ethical choices.

SEL principles and practices have been woven into the IB curriculum under the guidance of Mr. Flynn Boyle and Ms. Saima Hina at CISB. The outcome is a comprehensive educational experience that empowers students to tackle life’s challenges with empathy, resilience, and wisdom.

As Mr. Boyle summarizes, “Our mission at CISB is to nurture well-rounded individuals who are not only academically proficient but also emotionally intelligent, culturally aware, and socially responsible. The success stories of our graduates stand as a testament to the effectiveness of this approach.”