CISB transformed into a world of Chinese culture and tradition for Chinese Family Fun Night, offering the CISB community an experience into the heart of China’s most cherished festivals. The event captured the spirit of celebration and cultural appreciation, inviting students, families, and staff to dive into various Chinese traditions.

A Community Celebration

Dressed in hues of red and traditional Chinese attire, students, staffs, parents, and family members came together to participate in an evening that celebrated the new lunar year and served as a bridge connecting diverse cultures within our school’s community. The festival’s theme, “Happy Year of the Dragon,” resonated through the event, symbolizing strength, luck, and prosperity for the coming year.

Experiencing Chinese Traditions

The event showcased 15 distinct booths celebrating Chinese cultural heritage, encompassing activities from Touhu and calligraphy to riddle solving and traditional headdress crafting. Attendees engaged in Taoquan, bookmark painting, fortune-telling, creating personalized souvenirs, sachet making, and ancient rubbing printing. Highlights included traditional Chinese opera makeup, dragon dance, and lantern making.

A Culinary Voyage

Dedicated organizers prepared an array of food booths presenting delicacies from across China. Attendees savored dumplings, Zhejiang snacks, Taiwanese dishes, food from the Northeastern region, Xinjiang cuisine, and specialties from Inner Mongolia.

Happy New Year!

We extend our sincerest gratitude to all who participated and contributed to making Chinese Family Fun Night a success. Your energy and enthusiasm created an unforgettable cultural experience for all.

We wish everyone in the CISB community a prosperous, joyful, and auspicious Year of the Dragon!